where can i sell my hamster | Pink Army

where can i sell my hamster | Pink Army

So your situation is your syrian hamster has given birth to babies! Firstly CONGRATULATIONS! Secondly, where can you now sell your furry offspring??

BEFORE you consider selling your baby hamsters you must make sure they are old enough to be separated from the mother. In Syrian hamsters this is recommended between 3-4 weeks earliest and no later than 6-8 weeks.

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  • Ask Friends and Family This is your best and should be your first port of call. Ask everyone you know if they want a hamster or anyone they know would like a hamster! Carry a photo of the babies on your phone or something as a cute face can be verrrrrry persuasive if some need convincing 😀
  • Advertise on Facebook or Twitter There are tons of pages and groups set out on Facebook and Twitter where local people can advertise things they have for sale. Finding local people to buy your hamsters is usually the most successful route and the simplest!
  • Privately owned pet shops The big branded pet stores rarely ever accept baby hamsters. They have certified breeders who stock their shelves so wont accept masses of hamster babies from everyone who comes in the shop. The only pet shops that may possibly accept hamster babies will be privately owned store and even then its just a long-shot. Its worth ringing around your local area and seeing if they would take your hamsters in! Chances are they wont accept 10 hamsters babies and they probably wont even pay very well, if at all, for them but its an option to bear in mind.
  • (Country depending) GumTree This is an online site where people can sell pretty much anything for free (eBay do not allow the sale of live pets so GumTree is an alternative to consider). You can set your price and add pictures and can attract local buyers to your pet. This is another outlet to consider if you are selling the offspring!
  • Local animal shelters If you google your local pet rescue centre and give them a ring or a visit you may be able to donate your hamsters to them. I think out of politeness you should not ask for a price because these centres are up to their eyeballs anyway with homeless rodents and so they are actually doing you a favour taking any unwanted babies in. (However this is just personal opinion of course!)

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Any other suggestions on where to sell hamsters are welcome in the comments below! 😀


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