what do you do with dragon’s breath in minecraft | Pink Army

what do you do with dragon’s breath in minecraft | Pink Army
what do you do with dragon’s breath in minecraft | Pink Army

In Minecraft, the mighty ender dragon often uses its magical breath to harm the players.

Ender Dragon is the final end-game boss of Minecraft. It is the most powerful mob in the game. Ender dragon can attack in various ways. It can throw players up into the sky using wings or use dragon’s breath on the ground.

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When flying, the ender dragon shoots a dragon fireball towards the players. These fireballs contain dragon’s breath and spread on the ground like lingering potions.

Players can collect this magical breath inside empty glass bottles. Dragon’s breath is a useful renewable resource in Minecraft.

Dragon’s Breath in Minecraft: Top 3 uses

#1 – Lingering Potions

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One of the main uses of dragon’s breath is brewing lingering potions. Using one dragon’s breath, players can brew up to three lingering potions. Lingering potions are similar to splash potions, but they create a cloud of status effect. Like dragon’s breath, this cloud stays on the ground for 30 seconds.

Place a dragon’s breath with any status effect splash potion in a brewing stand to get lingering potions with the same status effect. Lingering potions are used to craft tipped arrows. One lingering potion can create eight tipped arrows in Minecraft.

Image via Minecraft

Bedrock players can store lingering potions in cauldrons. They can use arrows on the cauldron to get tipped arrows.

#2 – PVP Battles

Image via Minecraft

Lingering potions can come in handy during PvP battles. Players can use lingering potions to cover a circular area of a three-block radius. Damaging lingering potions like poison and slowness are helpful against other players.

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Players need dragon’s breath to gain an edge against opponents in PVP and anarchy servers. Lingering potions are a must-have weapon in every player’s arsenal. It is also used for making tipped arrows that can be used in bows and crossbows.

#3 – You Need a Mint Advancement and Achievement

Image via Minecraft

After beating ender dragon, some players run out of things to do in Minecraft. Many players consider finishing all advancements/achievements as the end of the game. There are many funny and unique advancements available in Minecraft.

When a player collects a dragon’s breath for the first time, they will complete the You Need a Mint advancement. This advancement/achievement is available for both Java and Bedrock players.

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