Best Chewproof Dog Leashes: Leashes to Withstand Your Dog’s Chompers!

Best Chewproof Dog Leashes: Leashes to Withstand Your Dog’s Chompers!

A lot of dogs exhibit problematic chewing behaviors, although different dogs decide to gnaw on different things.

Some dogs like to chew up things they find in the trash, while others prefer gnawing on your fancy new shoes.

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But of all the things your dog could chew, her leash may be one of the most troubling. Not only can this force you to repeatedly replace the leash, it may even allow her to escape while going on a walk!

Luckily, there are a number of very tough dog leashes on the market which should hold up to your dog’s chewing behavior. We’ll discuss some of the best models below, and we’ll also talk about the things you’ll want to look for when making your choice.

Best Chewproof Leashes For Dogs: Quick Picks

  • #1 Leash Links Chewproof Signature Walker [Best Overall Chewproof Leash]: Consisting of a stainless steel cable and top-of-the-line PVC cover, this leash will stand up to your dog’s teeth, and its very design makes it harder for dogs to reach in the first place.
  • #2 VirChewLy Indestructible Leash [Second Best Chewproof Leash]: Made from a plastic-coated metal cable that’ll hold up to doggo teeth, this is a great choice for owners who want a super durable leash, but don’t need the additional protection the Link Leash provides.
  • #3 BAAPET Strong Dog Leash [Most Affordable Chewproof Leash]: While it’s unlikely to hold up as well as leashes made from metal cable or chain, this rope-style leash is a durable and very affordable option, which may be enough for light-chewing canines.
many dogs chew on their leash

The Six Best Chewproof Dog Leashes Around

A lot of leashes claim to be exceptionally durable or chew-resistant, but only a handful really deserve consideration. We compared dozens of different models available to figure out six of the best, which we discuss in more detail below.

Just be sure to pick the one that’s best-suited for your pooch and remember that you’ll still need to address your dog’s chewing problem — these leashes only serve to provide additional safety while you do.

A unique take on the chewproof leash category, the Leash Links Chewproof Signature Walker consists of a steel cable and a high-quality, non-toxic PVC cover sleeve, which provides additional leash protection and makes it harder for your dog from being able to mouth the leash at all.


  • Two-part design, consisting of the primary “link” (leash) and a detachable handle
  • You can get both components in your choice of 6 colors
  • Biothane handle is comfy (it feels like leather), waterproof, and won’t absorb odors
  • Quick-connect swivel snap clips make hooking up your dog a breeze
  • Steel cable has a rated breaking strength of 920 pounds; handle is rated for 750
  • Rivets are made from rust-resistant brass
  • Leash measures about 18.5 inches long; handle is about 10.75 inches long

2. VirChewLy Indestructible Leash for Dogs

The VirChewLy Indestructible Leash is one of the most chew-resistant leashes on the market, and it should stand up to just about anything your dog can throw at it.


  • Made from vinyl-coated steel cable to provide strength and durability
  • Still comfortable to use, despite being made from heavy-duty materials
  • Comes with a metal leash clip, carabiner, and detachable nylon wrist strap
  • You can use the wrist strap to secure your dog to a suitable anchor
  • The cable can withstand 900 pounds of force; the hardware can withstand 220
  • Available in 4 sizes, 5 colors, and each size is available in 4- and 5.6-foot lengths
  • Made in the USA

3. Berry Pet Beirui Premium 4-Foot Chain Leash

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The Berry Pet Chain Leash is a great choice for dogs who simply will not stop chewing the leash, as it is made from premium metal chain, which few dogs will be able to destroy.


  • Comprised of heavy-duty chain, a strong collar clip, and a padded handle
  • Available in lengths ranging from 4- to 6-feet-long
  • Comes in three different versions, each with a different chain thicknesses
  • The strongest model available is suitable for dogs weighing up to 45 pounds
  • Backed by the manufacturer’s 60-day guarantee

4. CtopoGo Heavy Duty Chain Leash

The CtopoGo Heavy Duty Dog Leash is a chain leash that’s designed for medium to large dogs and built to stand up to just about anything you throw at it. Designed not to rust, tarnish, or break, this is a supremely durable leash that should help keep your chew-happy canine safe during walks.


  • Available in two lengths: 47 and 70 inches
  • PU leather weave handle provides for a comfortable grip
  • Heavy-duty metal clasp swivels to prevent tangles
  • Short model weighs 6.72 ounces; long model weighs 8.8 ounces
  • Strength tested to exceed industry standards, per the manufacturer

5. Dutchy Brand Heavy-Duty Dog Leash

The Dutchy Brand Heavy-Duty Leash is designed to be very strong and resilient while weighing less than other leashes made from leather or chain.


  • Made from two separate nylon layers, making it twice as strong as standard leashes
  • Leash measures 6 feet long
  • Equipped with a padded wrist strap for owner comfort
  • Attaches to your dog via a secure, heavy-duty metal clasp
  • Available in four different colors (black, blue, red and reflective black)
  • Backed by the manufacturer’s “Better than Cash Back Guarantee” – you can donate the leash to a local shelter and get your money back if you don’t like it

6. BAAPET Strong Dog Leash

The BAAPET Strong Dog Leash is a super tough dog leash made with heavy-duty metal hardware and a ½-inch-thick climbing rope to keep your dog safe during walks.


  • Features a very comfortable and well-padded 13-inch-long handle
  • The leash clip is also larger and stronger than those used in most similar leashes
  • Available in 5 colors, including black, blue, green, red and hot pink
  • Includes reflective threads to make sure your dog is easy to see in dim light
  • It’s backed by the manufacturer’s money-back guarantee

Things to Look for in a Chewproof Leash

Any manufacturer can slap a “heavy-duty” or “chewproof” label on their leash, regardless of whether or not the leash is actually made of superior materials or designed in an especially durable manner.

Accordingly, you’ll need to scrutinize the models available to find one that is likely to last and work the way you want it to.

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Some of the things you’ll want to keep in mind include:

  • Generally speaking, thicker materials will prove more resilient than thinner materials. So, whether you are looking for a leash made of nylon, rope, or some other material, select one made with thicker materials than similar products, whenever possible.
  • Different manufacturers mean different things when they call a leash “heavy-duty.” Some mean that the leash will resist your dog’s constant tugging, while others mean that the leash will withstand your dog’s chewing. Just be sure that you’re clear about the problem the leash intends to solve and that you pick one designed to address the challenge facing you.
  • Be sure that the leash is equipped with very tough and strong hardware. It doesn’t matter if a leash is made from a rope that’ll lift your car if it doesn’t also include hardware with similar capabilities – a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and all that.
  • Pick a leash with reflective stitching to help keep you visible to passing motorists. Fortunately, this is pretty easy, as most modern leashes include reflective stitching or some other visibility-improving feature.
  • Look for leashes made in the USA whenever feasible. There’s nothing inherently better about a US-made leash than one made overseas, but we’d be willing to bet that US-made leashes are typically superior products. The flip side of this coin is that you’ll likely pay more for US-made products.

DIY Solutions for Dogs Who Like to Chew

Chew-resistant leashes are helpful, but you’ll still need to work on addressing the issue behaviorally. There are also at least two management solutions you can employ to help stop the problem.

1. Soak the Leash in Something Unpalatable

Many owners are able to successfully quash their dogs’ desire to chew by making the leash taste and smell bad.

Lemon juice is pretty effective in this regard, but apple cider vinegar may work nearly as well. You could also use one of the commercial chew-deterring sprays if you’d like.

2. Shield the Leash

For dogs who aren’t deterred by lemon juice or some other unpleasant-tasting substance, you may simply want to shield the leash. There are a number of different materials you could use for this purpose, and you’ll need to think about your specific leash and your dog’s capacity for leash destruction to pick the best option.

A thick layer of canvas or nylon webbing may do the trick, and a bit of duct tape may be all that’s necessary to prevent very small dogs from chewing through the leash.


It bears mentioning that you shouldn’t allow your dog to chew on her leash in the first place. Your dog should never be leashed when not under your direct control, and you should correct her promptly anytime she puts her mouth around the leash.

But, this is often easier said than done. Some dogs are clearly more compelled to chew on their leash than others, and this can cause quite a bit of frustration for owners. So, check out the six leashes we reviewed above and try to pick the best one for your pup.

Obviously, you’ll need to address your dog’s chewing behavior at some point, but until you get things under control, a chew-proof leash can help keep your dog safe (and save you a few bucks too!).

Have you tried any of the leashes we examined above? We’d love to hear about your experiences. Let us know how it held up to your dog’s teeth and what you liked and disliked about it.

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