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Terraformers are machines with the ability to change the terrain around them. The affected area is a little larger than 8 chunks by 8 chunks. The reasons for terraforming are usually to add a desired visual effect that is naturally not possible, such as snow in the Nether or to change a large area without having to manually do the alterations, such as flattening mountains.

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The power requirements of the Terraformer have varying behavior based on their power input, just like a Quarry. It will work with even the tiniest power input, but its maximum power requirement will vary based on the TFBP it’s using. The Terraformer will usually consume massive amounts of power when it reaches its full potential.

The Terraformer needs a TFBP in order for it to perform a certain task, this is basically its program it needs to run so it knows what it is supposed to do.

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The Terraformer is an IC2 Machine, so it requires EU. The Terraformer must be removed with a wrench to be removed properly. Using a Wrench on the Terraformer gives back the current TFBP in the Terraformer, so the second usage of wrench removes the Terraformer.


TFBP Recipes[]


Makes Snow and Snow Blocks appear. Freezes Water.


Replaces Sand with Dirt, Dirt into Grass, and will randomly create all kinds of plant life.


Melts Ice/Snow, destroys plants, and replace Dirt with Sand. Caution: Will cause forest fires. If used following extended use of the Chilling TFBP you’ll more likely end up with a lake than a desert.


Removes all natural blocks from the levels above the Terraformer. Fills in surface layers below the Terraformer with Dirt. Placing a Terraformer with a Flatification TFBP on bedrock will remove all natural blocks 20 blocks above the Terraformer and up to 50 blocks in each direction. This DOES NOT include Ores. All Ores will remain after the Terraformer has finished removing blocks allowing for easy mining.


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Turns Sand into Dirt and then into Grass. Will rarely spawn Water on surface areas that are below the Terraformer. Spawns Saplings, Wheat, and Sugar Cane to grow faster, and causes Sugar Cane to grow above its 3 block limit.

Avoid using Oak, Pine, or Birch logs within range of this active blueprint, as it will cause them to grow and sprout leaves. It is unknown whether or not Rubber and Jungle logs will do the same.


It will change the current biome into a mushroom biome. In this biome, the terraformer will change dirt and grass into mycelium, and then plant mushrooms and giant mushrooms. This process may then repeat, turning the giant mushrooms into more mycelium and will plant normal and giant mushrooms again. This has a chance of repeating again and again to create giant mushroom skyscrapers.

Note: this TFPB requires constant 512 EU/t

Video Tutorials[]

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