Sumitomo Touring LX T Review | Pink Army

Sumitomo Touring LX T Review | Pink Army
Sumitomo Touring LX T Review | Pink Army

Sumitomo Touring LX T Review

Those who own high-performance SUVs and crossovers may still be on the lookout for tires which provide quiet rides, long lasting tread and some good performance dynamics. Sumitomo provides a tire which hopes to provide just that to owners. With a T speed rating, Sumitomo Touring LX T tires may be the quiet, comfortable touring tire larger passenger vehicle owners are searching for.

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A company whose heritage actually dates back hundreds of years, the Sumitomo Touring LX T is their entry into the competitive touring light truck tire. An asymmetrical design pattern is designed to reduce the road noise generated by the tire, while softer compounds should keep ride smooth. Computer assisted design allows the tread design to effectively reduce the effects of wear, which should give drivers long lasting tread life. A unique black carbon compound grips the road in wet and dry weather, improving breaking performance and handling at speed. Four large circumferential grooves provide deep channels for water to be cleared from under the tire rubber, giving it some resistance to hydroplaning. Sumitomo Touring LX T tires should give drivers the touring style performance they’re looking for.


  • Good value level touring all-season performance.
  • Quieter ride than more aggressively treaded LT or AT style tires.

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  • A smaller treadware and uniformity warranty than most competitors.

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There is a challenge in getting touring style performance from tires which are designed to meet higher speed ratings, like T rated tires. Often the stiffness required causes tires to be on the noisy side. Touring LX T tires use a unique rubber compound molded into a symmetrical tread pattern. Ride noise from the tread should be reduced, which can improve the passenger comfort. This tread compound contains carbon, giving rubber surface a rougher texture. Grip on wet roads, and in light snow, should be improved by the compound materials. Tire tread life is extended, as the rubber compound resists wear. The symmetrical tread pattern can help reduce the effects of uneven wear, which would create a harsher ride.

Built into the molded design of the tire are four large circumferential grooves. These channels are designed to give water a place to be removed from under the tire. With their depth, they can handle a lot of water, which should improve the tire’s ability to resist hydroplaning on wet roads, and in some mild standing water. Lateral grooving flows between tread blocks and through the large shoulder blocks. These additional channels give water an escape out to the sides of the tire. When a tire can clear water from under it, they keep a larger rubber patch in contact with the road in wet weather. This increased contact may provide improved wet traction and hydroplaning resistance.

Because the black carbon rubber compound is molded into a symmetrical tread pattern, tire roll resistance can be improved. As a tire generates less friction, they take less power to move. Reduced roll resistance tires can help owners improve fuel mileage. Large, stiff tread blocks line the shoulder. They provide strength to the tire while cornering. Grip improvements from sipes, small grooves in the tread, can help to reduce the breaking distance on dry roads. Additional support has been added to the sidewalls of the tire. As a tire is exposed to pressures during cornering, the rubber can flex. Reinforced sidewalls should help Touring LX T tires resist this flex, providing more confidence in the bends.

Sumitomo used computer aided design to create their tread pattern and reducing the ride noise was a key goal. By reducing harmonics created by the tread hitting pavement at speed, the amount of noise transferred to the passengers should be reduced.

Tire sizes available

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Designed to meet the T speed rated needs of larger passenger vehicles, there are sizes available for 17” and 18” rims. Here are some of the sizes currently on the market:

235/60 R17 102T 245/65 R17 107T 265/65 R17 112T 265/60 R18 110T


Sumitomo provides a 50,000 mile treadlife warranty on the Trouing LX T tire. Tires are replaced for free in the first 2/32” of tread and prorated for the remaining tread until 2/32” remaining. Warranty applies for the first 50,000 miles or four years of life. Uniformity is guaranteed until 2/32” tread remaining for up to six years from tire manufacture, or five years from date of purchase, whichever comes first.

Customer reviews

As a tire designed to provide some performance characteristics, good ride quality, treadlife at great value, it may be trying to do too much. However, most buyers of these tires report good to great traction in dry conditions. The tire is consistently rated high for cornering and handling. Wet traction is on par for an all-season tire. While the tire performs generally well, buyers noted the cost gives them excellent value. Priced well below many high-end competitors, these tires perform nearly as well. Some owners complained about mileage in city, and snow traction is average for all-season. Most drivers who bought these tires said they would do so again.


For higher speed applications, as the T rating implies, the Sumitomo Touring LX T tires provide good value for drivers on a budget. Black carbon rubber compound provides improved traction in wet and dry conditions. Softer compounds may improve stopping power while providing good grip in light snow and wet. Water should be effectively removed from the bottom of the tire by four large grooves, aided by lateral channels between the shoulder tread. Symmetrical tread design gives the tire a quieter ride and should help resist uneven wear. While the tire does have less treadware warranty than other touring all-season tires, it offers generally above average performance for a great price.

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