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Sticky Resin Grid Sticky Type Resource Tool Grid Renewable Yes Stackable Yes Data Value 30217 Modpacks Included Ultimate, Lite, Tech World, Direwolf20, MindCrack, YogCraft Source Mod IndustrialCraft2

Sticky Resin is a vitally important natural resource in IndustrialCraft2 that is used to make almost every item the mod adds. Many machines need it, because it is the easiest way to get Rubber. Without Rubber, many electric components would go uninsulated. While that is a great recipe for making an explosion, it’s not so great for making high tech machinery.

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A sheet of Sticky Resin placed on the ground to prevent fall damage.

Sticky Resin has other uses as well. It can be used as a substitute for a Slimeball when making Sticky Pistons, and also can be used as a type of pitch to substitute for coal or charcoal when making torches. One of the most unusual uses of Sticky Resin is as a cushion. By right clicking on the ground with Sticky Resin in your hand, you can spread out a 1 block sheet of it. When falling from great heights, landing on a sheet of it will prevent almost all of the fall damage. You can mine the resin off the ground, but only has an 80% retrieval chance.

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To obtain Sticky Resin, you can use a Treetap on the saphole of any IndustrialCraft2 Rubber Tree (sapholes show up as a small orange rectangle somewhere on the trunk). You may tap the tree more than once to acquire more Sticky Resin, but the sap will not respawn on the face of a trunk that you clicked on more than once. You also have a chance of acquiring Sticky Resin while chopping down IC2 Rubber Trees.

It’s also possible to obtain Sticky Resin from Stickreed.

Ways to Obtain[]

There are a few ways to obtain Sticky Resin. The easiest and cheapest way is to find a Rubber Tree and extract it using a Treetap. These trees will have yellow dots on them, which is where you use the Treetap. Be careful though, as double tapping a Rubber Tree will prevent the tree from producing Sticky Resin in the future.

There are a couple Centrifuge receipes that will yield Sticky Resin. Placing an Amber Comb into the Centrifuge will have a 50% chance to yield sticky resin. You can also centrifuge Propolis to get 1 Sticky Resin per Propolis.

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The UU Receipe for Sticky Resin.

A sticky resin saphole (small orange dot) on a rubber tree.


By using a Arboretum to grow the rubber tree saplings and an Automatic Treetap you can get the sticky resin. However, if you don’t have a Logger, production will stop until the trees are chopped down.

Uses in Processing[]

Sticky Resin can be converted into Rubber by either smelting it in any type of Furnace, or processing it in an Extractor. Extracting Sticky Resin provides 3 units of Rubber, while smelting it only provides 1.

Uses in Crafting[]

Sticky Piston[]



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