SixPack Sleep Review – Does It Work? | Pink Army

SixPack Sleep Review – Does It Work? | Pink Army

SixPack Sleep Overview

One of most important things you can do to get in shape, whether you want to lose weight or pack on the muscle mass, is pinkarmy.neting enough sleep allows your body to recover and body detoxifies while you sleep, and your muscle build and repair when you’s the concept that drove Mike Chang’s group (makers of Six Pack Shortcuts and Abs After 40) when they created SixPack Sleep, the first sleep formula designed for athletes and fitness minded people to naturally enhance the building and retention of lean muscle.

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It’s a great concept, but is it backed up by results?We took a look at the formula and the feedback, and the answer is a definite, “maybe not”.Read on for the details.

SixPack Sleep helps you fall into a deep and restful sleep, and while you’re in that state, it encourages an increase in the natural production of both HGH (human growth hormone) and testosterone, both extremely important if you want to be strong and fit.

The formula contains 4 main ingredients:

  • GABA (aka Gamma-Aminobutyri Acid) is an important neurotransmitter in your brain that helps you get into a restful state.
  • Zinc and Magnesium which are essential for the body’s hormone production processes.
  • Valerian Root Extract which is commonly used in herbal sleep reduces anxiety and increases is thought to reduce the amount of time it takes you to fall asleep.
  • Melatonin is another ingredient commonly used in sleep helps you fall into a deep and restful sleep, and it may play a role in the regulation of human growth hormone.

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These are all thought to be safe and to some degree effective, but how much of each is in a serving is not information they provide, which makes it hard to tell by looking at the formula whether or not it will be effective.

SixPack Sleep Reviews

That’s why we look at customer reviews whenever we can find SixPack Sleep is available on Amazon, we found several there, and they’re not very than just a few customers found it to be completely ineffective:

Gohawks said, “Gave me since sleep is important to weight loss, I actually gained weight.”

Samo said, “Piece of Not Work.”

Though there are some customers having better luck:

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One customer states: “I hasn’t given me sixpack abs yet, but it’s helping sleep.”

SixPack Sleep Pros and Cons

Advantages of SixPack Sleep

  • The ingredients are all natural and not likely to cause side effects.

Disadvantages of SixPack Sleep

  • There are several pretty negative SixPack Sleep reviews from customers.
  • You might accidentally sign up for monthly charges if you’re not careful.

Where to Buy

You can pick SixPack Sleep at Amazon, but it’s primary point of purchase is one of Mike Chang’s websites.A bottle contains a one month supply and costs $67 plus $14.95 shipping and you choose to buy this way, you’ll need to sign up for automatic shipments every 30 days at that same’ a lot like those free trial scams we come across so much, but there’s no free you like SixPack Sleep, it’s not a bad thing, but it is expensive, especially if you take other supplements on top of this pinkarmy.netrwise, you can buy it at Amazon as a one time purchase with no price is also $67.


From the formula, SixPack Sleep looks like a decent herbal sleep aid, but there are a few downsides to c First of all, it’s very can find something that does just as well getting you to sleep for a whole lot pinkarmy.netndly, the reviews just don’t indicate that SixPack Sleep is all that effective.I’d go with something else if I were you.

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