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Sherlock Has a Clue is a very high quality detective mystery game created by Carmel Games. Sherlock needs your help on solving a murder mystery! Mr.Dawkins was murdered in his own house. Find out who murdered him, which weapon did he use and where did the murder take place.

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You start in the entrance of the manor’s house. There is a police computer used to make an accusation, it is going to be used at the end of the game.

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  • Move the purple vase, it hides a gold key. (A)
  • Go to the study room. Collect the magnet. (B)
  • Go to the bathroom. Open the cupboard to find a dental floss. (C)
  • Combine the magnet and the dental floss to create a new item. (D)
  • Use the combination to get the silver key out of the fish tank. (E)

  • Go to the dining room. There is a door you need to open using the gold key. After you use the gold key you need to turn the grid of six buttons to green. (F)
  • Collect the broom. (G)
  • Use the broom to reach the button in the ceiling of the house. (H)
  • A safe was hiding behind the picture. Open it with the silver key, collect the knife.
  • Go right to the music room. There is a rope holding a giant bell, cut it with your knife. (I)
  • Collect the axe and the note that were in Miss Bleach’s dress. (J)
  • Read the note.

  • Go to the study room. Complete the puzzle based on Miss Bleach’s note you found. (K)
  • Collect the bucket inside the wall. (L)
  • Fill the bucket with water in the bathtub. It is located in the bathroom. (M)
  • Stop the fire in the fireplace using your bucket filled with water in order to find a code. (N)
  • The code was behind the fireplace. The code is randomly-generated, so you have to remember the code. (O)

  • Go to the music room. There is a chest on the floor. Open it using the code you found in the fireplace. Collect the chainsaw inside the chest. (P)
  • Go to the study room and talk to Professor Grape. Use the chainsaw on the ladder to drop Professor Grape on the ground. Take his air freshener and poison. (Q)
  • Go to the bathroom. Use the air freshener to remove the smell of that stinky toilet. Miss Black will sneeze, but she will drop a bomb and a lens. (R)
  • Go to the study room and use the lens in order to fix the telescope. The telescope is going to be used to see a puzzle hint. (S)

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  • Look through the telescope to see a lighthouse that four symbols: 3 Stripes, 2 Stars and 1 Hexagon. (T)
  • Go to the music room and play the keys on the piano to display the same symbols shown in the lighthouse.
  • Press the third note 1 time, the fourth note 1 time, the second note 1 time, the sixth note 2 times and lastly, the eighth note 1 time. (U)
  • Read the green note. There are 4 candles in the whole house. Now do the math: 4 Candles x 3 + 100 = 112 (V)
  • Go to the bathroom. Click on the cupboard to open a puzzle. (W)
  • To beat the puzzle, type in the number 112. (X)

  • Collect the chili pepper. (Y)
  • Talk to Colonel Ketchup. (Z)
  • Serve the chili pepper to him. After he eats it, he is gonna drop a note, collect it and read it. (A1)
  • Go to the entrance room. Move the curtains to find a safe. Use the code you found from Colonel Ketchup to open it, the code is randomly-generated every time you start up the game. (B1)
  • You found Mr.Dawkins’s body. (C1)

  • Click on the police computer.
  • Write the accusation on the police computer. The correct accusation is on the image. (E1)

Final Verdict

Carmel Games made a pretty fun, high quality detective game. You had to be prepared for some very complex puzzles and creative use of items and combinations in order to solve this murder mystery. In conclusion, fans of these games are gonna have a very great time with this game, as Carmel Games took the puzzles they create to the next level with this game.

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