Should I Shave My Bernese Mountain Dog? | Pink Army

Should I Shave My Bernese Mountain Dog? | Pink Army

Should I Shave My Bernese Mountain Dog? That was a question that was posed to me by an acquaintance after she heard several conflicting remarks. There are some professional dog groomers who said that it is actually ok to shave the Bernese Mountain Dog, while there are other “dog gurus” who say that shaving the dogs should not be an option. Let me now go into the details as to whether you should shave your Bernese Mountain Dog or not.

Shaved Bernese Mountain Dog

Shaved Bernese Mountain DogWhen it comes to shaving dogs, you always got to be aware that there are reasons why dogs have the coat or even the double coat. Whenever we hear of owners saying that they should shave the dog during summer time as it is warm for the dog, I will always have the urge to correct this terrible misconception. And the urge turns into a cringe when I heard that some professional dog groomers have been saying this for years too.

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You know what is the best way to differentiate a noob groomer versus the professional groomer? The true blue professional groomer will never advise you to shave down your double coated dog, no matter what breed it is!

Reasons Why You Should Not Shave Your Bernese Mountain Dog Completely

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While it is ok to shave your Bernese Mountain Dog when they have some skin allergy and a short coat is needed for the short term to manage it, it is not ok to shave your Bernese Mountain Dog completely.

You have to understand that the double coat that the Bernese Mountain Dog has is for a good reason!

You see, the double coat is able to protect the dog during summer as well as during winter times. Hence, if you decide to erroneously shave down the Bernese Mountain Dog, you will be devoiding them of the protective cover that they will need to protect them from the heat as well as from the cold too.

You have to know that the coats will be needed to provide insulation to the dog’s skin, and it really helps to keep the dog clean and dry too. If you must know, and I think it is good to know, that the dog’s coat can actually help to prevent sunburn from happening on your dog’s skin. Of course, the coat is needed for us to cuddle them too!

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Last but not least, if you ever shave down a doubled coated dog like the Bernese Mountain Dog, you will need to know that the new coat will be nothing like the original coat that the dogs have. It will be completely different, and the feel will feel foreign too.

How To Shave A Bernese Mountain Dog

Having said all these, there are still some exceptional cases at which there is a needed to shave your Bernese Mountain Dog. If that is the case, we highly recommend you not to shave beyond the number 5. That should be the bare minimum that you should be targeting. Anything beyond that will not be too good for your Bernese Mountain Dog.

You can always use the best dog clippers for Bernese Mountain Dog such as the Wahl Clipper Pet-Pro Pet Clipper Dog Grooming Kit.

For more tips, you can refer to our page on the Ultimate Dog Clippers For Great Pyrenees.

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