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Castle in the Sky

Castle in the Sky, known as Level 10 or X, is the tenth level in Rolling Sky. Monody is the bonus for this level due to similar themes.


  • This level was listed before Monody, yet it is much harder.
  • It is also the first level to require keys to unlock.
  • This level introduced the Sky Castle theme.
  • The theme sequence was Sky Castle, Sunset Sky Castle, Inferno, Sky Castle, Sunset Sky Castle, Sky Castle. However, since the release of the Halloween, the Sunset Sky Castle themes’ orange filters were removed to reduce lag and were replaced by a more blueish winter theme.
  • This level’s music is similar to Time Lapse by TheFatRat.
  • According to the level’s trailer, one of the themes was going to be City (Noir), complete with unique Passing Objects but it was cut out for unknown reasons,
  • This is the fifth and last level that had its own name before it was shown until the release of Halloween. The first was City.
  • This level is only level to cameo in Anniversary, which is the bonus of Happy Birthday.
  • The Sunset Sky Castle theme technically exists in the game; only the orange filter was removed.
    • If you take a close look at the Diamonds for when the Sunset Sky Castle theme should appear, they are red instead of orange.
  • This level was removed in Happy Birthday’s update for unknown reasons. It is currently back and it is preceded by Sunset Glow instead of Poker.
  • The jump pads seem to have a square on them in Sky Castle and originally the Sunset Sky Castle.
  • Midnight Sky Castle doesn’t appear in this level but is related to it.
  • Even tough the theme Inferno appears in this level, it has different obstacles than other apperances of it, and surprisingly, there are no volcanic watchtowers, a common obstacle of that theme.
  • It is the last level to have a Roman numeral as a name, X. In the 8Bits’ update, it was named in the game as Castle in the Sky.
  • Before it’s removal, the Sunset Sky Castle theme used two different filters, in it’s first appearance on the level it uses a light orange filter, but in the second one it uses a more darker orange filter.
  • The castle entrance is in 12%, the exit is in 86%.
  • Once you went to the castle, there are so many walls, be careful!



Castle in the Sky Gameplay

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