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Containment Breach

Containment Breach is a survival SCP game created by MiniToon based on the video game SCP – Containment Breach as of 2020 MiniToon soley works on the game Piggy making this game have no updates anytime soon.


When a new game round starts, all players are randomly placed onto teams. Each team has a priority. For example, Class Ds and Researchers must escape while avoiding threats. There are currently 8 round types, with most of them changing the way teams are placed and two of them changing the map entirely.

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Class D – Class D Personnel are at the greatest disadvantage, because almost every team (except for Chaos Insurgency) is their enemy. They also do not have the ability to get any items before the round starts. Class D’s generally must work together to escape threats, find items, and make their way to Gate A or Gate B.

Researcher – Researchers start with a slight advantage. They spawn with a Level 2 Keycard, which opens several doors that enable them to get more items and hopefully escape. Unlike Class D’s, they can buy a Level 3 Keycard to help them during the round. The Security Department can also help researchers escape the facility. Researchers belong to the SCP Foundation team.

Security Department – Security Department Officers (commonly known as SD) share a team with Researchers. They have one of the biggest advantages, because they have access to powerful weapons (such as a gulf war P90, an Aug, or an Ithaca 37) and a Level 5 Keycard. An SD’s priority is to help Researchers escape while eliminating other threats. Security Department Officers belong to the SCP Foundation team.

Nine Tailed Fox – Nine Tailed Fox (a division of the Mobile Task Force, commonly known as MTFs or NTFs) are able to join in the middle of a round by boarding the helicopter in the lobby. They serve as reinforcements for the Security Department. An MTF Unit’s main priority is similar to that of the Security Department. Players can pick different uniforms and helmets. Mobile Task Force Units belong to the SCP Foundation team.

Nu-7 – Nu-7 is another MTF division which can be played when you start as a researcher. It requires the “No Way Up” badge from Site-35 . Nu-7 have access to a medkit, a special helmet, a MP5 and a level 4 keycard.

Chaos Insurgency – A Chaos Insurgent’s (commonly known as a CI) job is to rescue Class D Personnel and to eliminate the SCP Foundation. On an average round, the team can only be joined by Class D Personnel with the CI gamepass. But on certain rounds, Chaos Insurgents are auto-filled just as any other team. They spawn with a Level 5 Keycard, an AR15, and an M1911.

SCP – An SCP is the rarest team to be assigned to. An SCP’s job is to cause havoc and to escape the facility through one of the two Gates. When a player spawns as an SCP, they are offered a variety of different SCP’s to spawn as. Each SCP has a unique ability that gives them an advantage over other players.

Spectator – You become a Spectator when you die, or when the round ends. Spectators can spectate other players, buy stuff in the shop, they can also (if they have the More MTF uniforms gamepass) change their MTF Uniform, try to complete the obby, escape the maze and challenge other players in the PVP arena (where each players has a gun).


Keycard Door – A Keycard door can have one of 6 clearances. The clearances work hierarchically (for example, a Level 2 Keycard can open a Level 1 Clearance Door or a Level 2 Clearance Door). The highest clearance is Omni, which opens any keycard door.

Button Door – A button door can be opened by clicking on the button (surprisingly).

Round Types – There are many round modes, and the list continues to expand. The current existing gamemodes (at the time of writing) are listed below:

  • Normal Round: Includes a normal amount of Class Ds, SCPS and SCP Foundation personnels.
  • Chaos Insurgency VS. SCP Foundation: Includes half the server as Chaos Insurgency team, while the other half is in the SCP Foundation’s security department’s team.
  • Class D Run: Includes no SCPs, only Class Ds and SCP Foundation personnels.
  • Mayhem Mode: Includes the same as Normal Round but there are more SCPs making the game harder for other teams.
  • SCP-682 Breach: Includes the same as Normal Round but there are only two SCPs, SCP-682-1 and SCP-682-2.
  • Zombie Outbreak: Includes the same as Normal Round but the SCPs are SCP-008’s entities.
  • SCP-354 Breach: Includes most of the players as SCP Foundation’s security department’s team, while the rest are SCP-354-5 entities. Also, the map is special since there is SCP-354. In this mode, the SDs must activate the generators while restraining SCP-354.
  • Endless staircase mode: Includes only two SCP-87-B entities while the rest are Class Ds. The Class Ds must escape the maze. (Note that SCP-87-B entities will instantly kill the Class D personnels instead of teleporting them in SCP-87-A)
  • SCP-178 Takeover: Includes the same as Class D Run but instead of SCPS, the rest of the server are in the SCP Foundation’s security department’s team. There are SCP-178’s entities in the map which can disappear if you equip the glasses.

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Map – There are three types of maps depending on the game mode:

  • The normal map which is separated into 5 main sections:
  1. The Light Containment Zone (often abbreviated as LCZ) is where Class D Personnel and Researchers find most of the starter items needed to escape. P90s, Keycards, and other useful rooms can be found here.
  2. The Heavy Containment Zone (often abbreviated as the HCZ) is where most dangerous SCPs will spawn. Higher level keycards can be found here, as well as an extremely destructive room. The Alpha Warhead switch can be found in this room, which will destroy the entire facility in 90 seconds (players in the Warhead Shelter will be safe) however players must wait an hour before being able to use it again.
  3. The Entrance Zone (often abbreviated as the EZ) is the area in which Gate A and Gate B can be found. Clashes between other teams occur here often even though they mostly happens in the Heavy Containment Zone. There is also a room with the Alpha Warhead switch in this area.
  4. Gate A is where the Security Department and the Mobile Task Force spawn. Gate A is the only gate that Chaos Insurgents can escape along with any non-MTF or non-SD.
  5. Gate B is where the Chaos Insurgents spawn. Chaos Insurgents can not escape through Gate B, but any other team that is neither part of the Mobile Task Force nor part of the Security Department can escape.
  • The SCP-354 Breach’s map.
  • The Endless Staircase mode’s map which is a maze with multiple stages.


(Maps are not to scale) (All items may not be accounted for)

LCZ Map H 0r╣ W t══╬═╣p ║ 8╬d 9 ╚╝ ╠┼═╬┼╦╗ ║ 7 6║ c╬l 5╣ 1 ║ ║ ╔╣ ╠═══╗ ║ ║║ ║ 3 ╠═╬ ╚╬═╪═╬═╩═╝ 4 a╬DzbRh ╚═╝ 2 ╪ – Tesla Gate ┼ – L2 Doorway D – D-Class Spawn R – Researcher Spawn H – Checkpoint to Heavy Containment Zone (r. L3) W – Weapons Supply (r. L3 c. A number of P90’s and M1911’s) a – Supply Room a (Contains 3 L1 keycards) b – Supply Room b (c. 1 L1, 1 L2) c – Supply Room c l – Large Room (Like the D-Class Spawn) t – Timed Lock Room (c. 1 L3) p – SCP-205 r – Restrooms z – D-Class Cells (c. 1 L1) h – SCP-970 (long hallway) (c. 1 L3 at the end) 1 – SCP-173 (Peanut) 2 – SCP-372 (requires L1) (contains 1 L2, 1 L3) 3 – SCP-1123 (c. 1 L2) (r. L1) 4 – SCP-914 (AKA The Refiner) (Gives Keycards, weapons) (r. L3) 5 – SCP-012 (c. 1 L2) (r. L1) 6 – SCP-1162 (c. 1 L2) 7 – SCP-860 (c. 1 L3) 8 – SCP-066 (r. L1) 9 – SCP-1074 [painting] 0 – SCP-178 [3d glasses] HCZ Map S ║ 2 0 8╬9 E ║ N ║ 7 ╠═╦═╬═W 1╩═╬═╣5╦═╬═╩═╩ab ╠═╬═╬═╣ 3 4 L 6 (Oriented from LCZ checkpoint) E – Elevator to Entrance Zone L – Light Containment Zone Checkpoint (r. L3) N – Nuke (r. Omni)(Can only be detonated once an hour per server) S – Server Room (r. L4 c. 1 L5) 0 – SCP-106 (The room you teleport to after escaping pocket dimensions c. 1 L3 1 L4) 1 – SCP-076-1 (r. L4) 2 – SCP-682 (r. L3) (c. 1 L4) 3 – SCP-939 (r. L3) (c. 1 L4) 4 – SCP-2006 (r. L3) 5 – SCP-035 (r. L3) 6 – SCP-079 7 – SCP-008 (r. L4) 8 – SCP-457 (r. L3) 9 – SCP-049 (r. L3) (c. 1 L4) a – SCP-513 b – SCP-352 (r. L3) (c. 1 L4) (Note that SCP rooms can switch with other rooms if that SCP is chosen by a player.) EZ Map L5 B | ║ V ║ ╔═══╪═══╦═╩o ║ ║<-L5 ║ ║ H════╩═══════╩═══╪═════╦e ║ ║ L5->║ A There are some L5 keycards hidden in the rooms. (Oriented from Gate A) ╪ – Tesla Gates A – Gate A Entrance (R. L5) (Security and Nine Tailed Fox come through here) B – Gate B Entrance (R. L5) (Chaos Insurgency come through here) H – Elevator to HCZ o – O5 Council Room (Requires Omni) e – Electric room (R. L5)



  • SCP-00X: Was obtainable during the 2019’s Halloween Event, it has the ability to bring nearby players to him. (UNOBTAINABLE)
  • SCP-008: Is a zombie virus that spreads quickly, and often dominates entire rounds.
  • SCP-024-1: An unlockable SCP that you could get from completing wubby301’s now removed “Anomaly Breach”. (UNOBTAINABLE)
  • SCP-035: Is a possessive mask that when put on makes the player walk against their own will at random moments.
  • SCP-049: Can touch players of other teams to change them into SCP-049-2 which is like SCP-008-2 but attacks instead of infecting players.
  • SCP-073: Is similar to SCP-076-2 but it will have access to a P90 and will be on the foundation’s team.
  • SCP-076-2: Wields a sword and is slightly faster than others. This SCP also has a SCP-001 skin that can be bought for 5000 points in the shop. The only difference being that SCP-001 gets 3x more health.
  • SCP-087-B: Is like SCP-106 but brings players to SCP-087-A. (the endless staircase).
  • SCP-087-C: Is obtained by beating Minitoon’s endless staircase game. However the endless staircase is the version from Minitoon’s game and it has more speed than SCP-087-B.
  • SCP-096: Can activate a rage mode where they move incredibly fast and makes a lot of noise for a small amount of time. It also makes loud cries which help the players to locate him when he is close allowing them to turn back or to take a different path if they don’t want to face him.
  • SCP-106: Can move through doors. When it touches another player, they will be transported to the pocket dimension where they slowly lose health unless standing still.
  • SCP-173: Can move fast at random intervals.
  • SCP-352: Is an SCP that can shoot it’s hair at players.
  • SCP-354-5: Was obtainable by being a beta tester. Since the beta has ended it is no longer obtainable. It has the ability to summon a clone that will attack the closest player with ranged attacks and melee. The SCP itself has ranged attacks.
  • SCP-457: Is a burning man that can damage players when they touch them.
  • SCP-682: Has an enormous amount of health. They have the same hitbox as a regular humanoid.
  • SCP-939: Makes human sounds at random times.
  • SCP-966: Is an invisible humanoid that can kills players by using its claws. It can also use its screech ability to slow down nearby players. (Note that your nametag is still visible).
  • SCP-999: Is a nearly invincible SCP available to players who bought it in the store for 10,000 points. This SCP is only available if the player is in the SCP Foundation’s security department’s team in normal rounds.
  • SCP-1048: Is a teddy bear can scream at players, temporarily blinding players.
  • SCP-2006: Is equipped with a knife, and has the ability to morph into a player to lure other players.
  • SCP-2490: Is a robotic humanoid that can crawl and goes invisible when standing still.


  • SCP-012: Is a document of sheet music that is written in blood. It currently has no features.
  • SCP-035: Is a comedy mask, it currently has no features.
  • SCP-066: Can be found on a shelf in the Light Containment Zone and plays music.
  • SCP-079: Is an Exidy Sorcerer mircrocomputer located inside a 13″ black-and-white television which currently has no features.
  • SCP-178: Is a pair of white stereocospic (3D) glasses. Equipping it will give the player the ability to see entities that will hurt the player if he touches them.
  • SCP-205: Is a lighting setup with two silhouettes that appear to be trapped in a pose. It currently has no features.
  • SCP-372: Is currently the room where SCP-966 spawns.
  • SCP-513: Is a rusty cowbell, if a player clicks on it, it will make a noise which then an entity which randomly will appear. NOTE:IF YOU HAVE FEAR OF JUMPSCARES DO NOT CLICK IT AS IT WILL RANDOMLY JUMPSCARE
  • SCP-860: Is only a room where you can get a level 3 keycard at the moment.
  • SCP-914: Is a large machine where players can obtain keycards and guns. It is currently the only way to obtain the omni card necessary to use the Alpha Warhead. Beware that the items SCP-914 spits out are random. It is the most targeted area by Class D personnels and researcher since the amount of keycards in the map is limited.
  • SCP-970: Is an endless hallway that can be found when touching a door. At the end of the hallway, there will be a Level 3 keycard.
  • SCP-1074: Is a regular painting. Currently it only plays ambient music.
  • SCP-1123: Is a skull, missing the lower mandible. When touched it will take you to another area.
  • SCP-1162: Is a hole in a wall. Players can find a level 2 keycard inside.



  • Mr. Stitches: Mr. Stitches is a skin for SCP-096 that was only acquirable during the Halloween Event.
  • The Caring Bear: This is a blue heart Valentine’s Day skin for SCP-1048, it was only unlockable during Valentine’s Day.
  • The Nutcracker: This is a skin unlockable that was only during Christmas for SCP-076-1 that makes him look like a nutcracker.
  • The Dead Walking: It sounds like an off-brand TV show, but it is in fact an SCP-106 skin that makes him look like a zombie and plays a modified “Bump in the Night” sound. It was only unlockable during the Halloween Event.
  • Rudolf 939: This skin gives SCP-939 a red nose and blue skin, to resemble Rudolf the Rednosed Reindeer. It was only unlockable during the Christmas Event.
  • Pumpkin 173: This skin gives SCP-173 a pumpkin head that was only unlockable during the Halloween Event.
  • Dark Wrath: This skin is a dark version of SCP-457. This skin makes ghost-like noises and burns players with a purple flame instead of a normal flame. Players could get this skin during the 2018 Halloween event.
  • Crimson Killer: This skin is a crimson version of SCP-049. Any layer turned into SCP-049-2 by the Crimson Killer will become a crimson version of the regular SCP-049-2. This skin could be obtained during the 2018 Halloween event.
  • Chocolate: This SCP-096 skin was available during a brief “Chocolate” event. The skin references a scene from the animated TV series “SpongeBob SquarePants” where the character SpongeBob offers a stranger chocolate. The stranger maniacly screams the word “CHOCOLATE!” as he chases SpongeBob and his friend Patrick away. A similar gimick is involved with this skin. At the time, the skin is no longer attainable, and just over 1,600 players were able to unlocked it before the event was over.
  • Young man: Is a skin for SCP-106, it looks like a younger version of the “old man”. It is obtainable for 1918 points in the shop.
  • SCP-001 Is a skin for SCP-076-2, it is glowing white and red and it has wings.
  • SPC-106: Is a skin for SCP-106, it has the appearance of a faceless 3008 employee and it makes strange eating noises. It was available in a giveaway hosted by Minitoon.


  • Beta Tester: Given to players that have played during the game’s beta stage. It is now unobtainable and it awarded SCP-354-5.
  • The Dream Man: An extremely hard badge to acquire. Very little people know how to acquire the badge. The Dream Man is currently disabled until it is updated.

Notes and Problems

  • When you spawn as MTF or Security Department, you have a chance to receive multiple items at once (Getting 3 P90’s when you spawn).
  • There is a Containment Breach: PTB (Public Test Build) where you can test the future updates such as the new LCZ, the new lobby and some other features, however, there are more bugs in this version than in the original one and it is not as played.
  • Link to the official fan group: Containment Breach Fan Group.
  • Before MiniToon started updating the game rapidly again, to become Nu-7 you needed the ‘Secured Entrance Zone’ badge from Captainjet2c’s Nine-Tailed- Fox Mod. The reason for the change is probably time,

Custom Skins

Note: Only administrators and developers have a custom skin however some exceptions remain.

deathcell01’s custom SCP: Is a skin for SCP-024-1 which brings the players trapped in a meme area.

seniorryan’s custom SCP: Is a skin for SCP-001 (SCP-076-2’s skin), it has the appearance of kokushibou from demon slayer, it has 1,500 health points as well as a custom sword.

Alazial’s custom SCP: Is a soviet skin for SCP-999, it has a ushanka, a flag and a rainbow trail.

Redmick7223’s custom SCP: Is a Siren Head skin for SCP-096, instead of cries it makes the sound of the Siren Head.

Flo0fles’s custom SCP: Is a skin for SCP-001 which is currently broken.

Cloudyvf’s custom SCP: Is a skin for SCP-049-1 which allows the SCP-49-2 entities to keep their guns if they had one.

zHatemx​​​​​​​’s custom SCP: Is a skin for SCP-087-B/C, it is fused with Hatemz’s roblox avatar.

DJspaceinvaderz’s custom SCP: Is a skin for SCP-106, it has the appearance of Null, a character fromToonsverse (a story he created).

KayArts’ custom SCP: Is a skin for SCP-1048 playing “Never gonna give you up”.

Staff Team

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Note: Some retired members may not be listed for private reasons.

Current Team

Owner: MiniToon

Scripters: Optikk · Azlansiddiqui

Builders: Flo0fles · pitchblacknova · Optikk · DarkenedPlague

Animators: Tylanator

Composers: Willd95

Moderators: ToadTSB · StarsPotato · YoneTheUnforgotten

Administrators: deathcell01 · ImFirstPlace · Alazial · Redmick7223 · Subzerolvl9999 · seniorryan· telephotoduck· yolosfd1 unbeweglicher

Head Administrator: pitchblacknova

Retired Developers

Retired Builders: Pbossman163 · tsproson

Retired Scripters: Captainjet2c · zoephixical​​​​​ · colbert2677 · Ug1yKid

Retired Composers: AsterotAxel

Retired Meshers: Captainjet2c

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