Presa Canario – Spanish Fighting Dog | Pink Army

Presa Canario – Spanish Fighting Dog | Pink Army
Presa Canario – Spanish Fighting Dog | Pink Army

Presa Canario – Spanish Combating Canine

The Presa Canario canine breed can also be usually known as the Canary Mastiff and is a comparatively uncommon giant canine breed from the Molosser household who was primarily bred for working and serving to normally farm chores and work.

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These spectacular canines are initially from the Canary Islands and are actually declared as a nationwide image of the third greatest island within the Canary archipelago – the Gran Canaria.

The primary title of this canine breed translated from its authentic Spanish means “Canarian catch canine”, and was usually shortened to “Presa Canario” or simply plain easy “Presa”.

Historical past of the breed

To totally admire this sturdy and highly effective canine breed we’d like to have a look into their historical past.

In line with a well-known Spanish historian by the title of Agustín Millares Torres, in his ebook known as “Common Historical past of the Canary Islands”, he acknowledged that the precise data of the precise origin of massive canines that got here to life or somewhat have been found in these islands was incomplete. In his analysis, he talked about that giant Molloser-type canines are taking part in an enormous position in native myths, funeral customs, and have been even a meals supply for the native tribes (Guanches) of those islands. He came upon that some legends say that some type of supernatural beings as demons appeared to the native folks within the type of large, muscular canines. These “demons” have been known as “Tibicenas” on the island of Gran Canaria and glided by the title of “Irnene” on its neighboring island by the title of La Palma. In Canarian cults, these canines have been mummified subsequent to their house owners and had the position of a information to the afterlife. Archeological discoveries proved that the native indigenous folks of the Canary islands use to eat tiny items of those canines as they believed that it could give them the power and braveness that these canines possessed.

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On the finish of the fifteenth and the start of the sixteenth century, a conquest of the Canary islands occurred and Molosser-type canines have been found on these islands. There have been many written royal certificates and decrees, particularly by the councils of Fuerteventura and Tenerife that have been geared toward Presa’s ancestors. The primary royal decree was issued in 1501. that allowed pig farmers to personal and maintain these canines. The principle cause for his or her possession was the protection towards wild canines and different predators that needed to seize the farmer’s pigs.

After a while, the desk has turned on each the pig farmers and their canines since their canines began doing injury to the cattle they have been supposed to guard. That point was actually dangerous for these canines and a lot in order that the native folks have been allowed to kill unfastened canines and utterly averted any type of punishment. After that, the royal authorities determined that it could be higher for everybody if the killing stopped and that unfastened canines be sure and restrained as a substitute of killed. Between the sixteenth and 18th century the possession of these canines was declared unlawful many instances. The one folks that would legally personal these canines have been hunters and farmers that had authentic causes for possession.


There was another reason these canines have been saved throughout all these instances and it’s a a lot bloodier and sinister cause than looking and farming. Presa Canarios have been additionally saved for dogfighting. Dogfighting has a protracted and bloody historical past in these islands and its custom was saved alive for the reason that Nineteen Fifties. There have been strict guidelines on dogfighting and one of many guidelines that canine house owners agreed upon earlier than the beginning of the fights was whether or not they needed to be quiet or if they may get their canine all riled up. There are a lot of testimonies finished by first-hand witnesses and individuals on how these fights regarded like. There was additionally a strict rule in place that not one of the spectators have been allowed to the touch or distract canines throughout the time of the combat.

These occasions weren’t deliberate or organized, they occurred spontaneously throughout the cities and have been performing on a foundation of challenges.

The fights occurred in such a manner that one Presa proprietor challenged one other and they might simply draw a circle on the bottom and place the canines head to head. The combat may begin in the meanwhile the house owners eliminated the collars and leashes off their canines. A lot of these fights used to draw many surrounding folks and very quickly there have been loads of spectators.

Dogfighting was declared utterly unlawful in the midst of the Forties however the bloody custom of those fights was saved alive for an entire decade after that. These traditions began to die out solely after Franco got here to energy and his supporters began implementing the regulation that outlawed these fights. After that, the accountable breeding took over and these breeders began holding detailed data and made certain that the magnificent Presa Canario lives on.

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Presa Canario totally different names

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The Presa Canario has been known as by many names through the years and listed here are a few of the most identified:

Perro de Presa Canario

These canines have been formally named Perro de Presa Canario for a very long time. It wasn’t till the royal decree of the Spanish minister for agriculture, fishing, and vitamin declared that these canines ought to be known as the Presa Canario. They’ve even despatched an official warning to the Spanish cynology affiliation (Actual Sociedad Canina de España or RSCE) to rewrite their official paperwork concerning these canines.

Presa Canario

The title Presa Canario grew to become official after the royal decree we already talked about. The second official Spanish canine affiliation instantly accepted the decree and began calling these canines by their new title of Presa Canario. The RSCE wanted a while to conform and didn’t change their official stance about this title straight away. There are nonetheless many officers and different cynology people that favor calling them by their first title of Perro de Presa Canario.

Dogo Canario

The phrase “Dogo” was used to explain a sub-type of canines that have been largely crossbred between giant Molossers and previous authentic Bulldogs. The “Dogos” have been largely used for looking, combating, bull-baiting, and as guardians of livestock. It is rather comprehensible how this nickname got here to be for these canines. Their ancestors more than likely are from these two canine breed households and their principal occupation was certainly what many of the “Dogos” did. FCI formally used this title till 1.1.2019 and after RSCE requested that the title adjustments, FCI authorised and altered the breed’s title to Presa Canario.

Hopefully, now you already know just a little bit extra in regards to the spectacular Presa Canario and its wealthy and colourful historical past.

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