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Probably the most full featured and versatile self-service safety system in Bukkit. Extremely configurable, MCPC+ appropriate.

These pre-configured fields are simply one of many methods you’ll be able to configure PreciousStones. Use all of them, use simply those you want, or create your personal.

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You possibly can select from over 150 flags with assorted performance to configure your personal power fields distinctive to your server that do precisely what you want them to do. From safety to potion results to confiscation of things to rollback talents to teleportation, the probabilities are countless.

They arrive with full permissions and limiting performance to restrict the distribution of the fields, per subject kind. Use them as a reward for donators, or promote them outright, they’re a good way to extend funding in your server. Your gamers will love them and are available again for extra!


Improvement builds of this undertaking may be acquired on the supplied steady integration server. These builds haven’t been accepted by the BukkitDev workers. Use them at your personal danger.


Just like the plugin? Please take into account donating!


PreciousStones Fundamentals Tutorial

Showcase of the impact of every of the default stones.

Demonstration of varied subject varieties (utilizing {custom} construct stones)

Evaluate of PreciousStones that goes by way of all of the default stones.

PreciousStones has two sorts of protections unbreakable blocks and subject blocks:

Unbreakable blocks

These are safety for the block itself, like OwnBlocks. The blocks on the unbreakable-blocks checklist is not going to be breakable by anybody however the proprietor, they are going to belong to whomever positioned them. They can be utilized as constructing materials i.e. ungriefable metropolis partitions, impenetrable vaults, and so forth. or shield block varieties from theft i.e. be aware blocks, fences, or something that you just wish to be grief proof. You possibly can right-click on the block with a software in hand to view who owns it.

Word: The block varieties you place on this checklist can’t be added to the fields checklist.

Pressure-Subject blocks

Fields are blocks that undertaking a force-field outwards onto their environment. They’ll have numerous totally different properties which may be added with subject flags. The sector’s radius extends from the dice itself outwards. ( i.e. For a radius of three the ensuing power subject would measure 7x7x7, you’ll be able to optionally add a {custom} top to override the peak calculated from the radius to no matter top you select)

Subject Flags

These are the totally different properties that make up a subject. A title and a block kind are required, the remainder may be any variety of quite a lot of totally different subject flags.

Right here is an excerpt from the config exhibiting how the Metropolis Safety subject is outlined:


– title: Metropolis Safety block: 57 radius: 20 custom-height: 15 prevent-fire: true prevent-place: true prevent-destroy: true prevent-explosions: true prevent-unprotectable: true prevent-flow: true welcome-message: true farewell-message: true visualize-on-rightclick: true mixing-group: 1 cuboid: true

That is how I selected to make the Metropolis Safety subject, you’ll be able to ease it, rename it, change the block kind, change the dimensions of it, or take away and add on any variety of flags. A proof of what every of those flags imply may be discovered on the wiki. You need to use these to switch the defaults or create your personal {custom} fields.

Subject Information

Proper clicking on any one among your fields with one of many instruments configured within the tool-items checklist within the pinkarmy.web will present you particular data for that subject. Proper clicking on fields that do not belong to you’ll solely inform you who the proprietor of the sphere is. You possibly can configure for all fields to show the total data by toggling the public-block-details setting to true. Proper clicking on a block within the floor with one of many tool-items will inform you if the block is protected or not.

Subject Visualization

You possibly can visualize what one among your fields appears to be like like by standing within it and typing /ps visualize, it will encompass the sphere with glass blocks (positioned within the sphere). This visualization is distributed to the participant’s consumer straight and isn’t seen by some other participant on the server. As soon as the participant strikes, the visualization might be eliminated to forestall folks from interacting with it. This can show you how to visually see what’s being protected.

Cuboid Fields

Cuboid fields are the following era of fields. You may make a subject right into a cuboid subject by giving it the cuboid flag. Cuboid fields behave similar to the conventional fields at first sight. Like a standard subject they are often positioned right down to create a subject across the radius of the block primarily based on the configured dimension. However internally they’re utterly totally different animals, the form of cuboid fields may be redefined.

Redefining a Cuboid / Drawing Mode

Cuboid fields may be positioned in drawing mode by [sneak-left-click] with a software. Throughout drawing mode you’ll be able to [left-click] on blocks across the space to develop the safety cuboid. [right-click] aiming at any path will develop the cuboid one block in that path. [sneak-right-click] wherever will undo your final choice in case you made a mistake. And to complete and shut the cuboid, [sneak-left-click] once more wherever, or just click on on the sphere block.

Technically you solely required to pick out two blocks, one from every reverse nook of the cuboid with a purpose to kind the cuboid. However everyone knows that that’s nearly by no means how we wish to outline a cuboid. You’ve gotten a selected content material in thoughts that you just wish to shield for instance a home with underground space, or a floating platform in mid air, the valley you can see down beneath. Conventional strategies of cuboid definition require you to dig down into some imagined nook to pick out the underside nook block, or pile up blocks to pick out the highest nook block. In cuboid drawing mode, moderately than being compelled to pick out reverse corners, you choose the precise blocks you need shielded from a distance by simply left clicking of their path, and afterwards a cuboid might be created that’s the smallest form that may wrap round all chosen blocks.

Cuboid Quantity

Whenever you place a subject into drawing mode its configured top and radius are transformed into quantity and given to the participant because the out there blocks his new subject form can cowl. For instance subject of radius 5 (which is 11x11x11) might be transformed into block quantity, so 11x11x11 = 1331 blocks. You’ll then be capable to redefine the cuboid utilizing the out there quantity.

If the cuboid has the custom-volume flag set, then that quantity might be used as an alternative overriding the amount calculated from the radius/top. That is good if you need gamers to have the ability to place down a small subject, with say radius 0, after which be capable to redefine it right into a a lot bigger subject. Good for plots and such that have to be positioned subsequent to fields owned by others with out inflicting conflicts.

Cuboid Teams

Whereas in drawing mode you’ll be able to enhance the out there quantity of a subject by inserting extra of the identical kind of fields down. Every one you place down will add on its quantity to the mum or dad. This fashion it is possible for you to to create immense fields at any dimension. Whenever you shut the cuboid, all of the fields you positioned down will flip into a gaggle. Proper clicking on any of them will provide you with the identical data and breaking one of many blocks within the group will break all of them.

Cuboid Mixing

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Whereas in drawing mode you’ll be able to place down totally different subject varieties down and their subject flags might be imported to the dice being drawn. This fashion you’ll be able to combine the results of a number of fields into one. What fields can combine with what fields may be configured by placing your fields into “mixing teams” with the mixing-group flag, fields in the identical teams will be capable to combine with one another. It would be best to put fields of comparable dimension and “price” in the identical teams.

Word: Fields with out a mixing group is not going to be mixable Word: Solely the sphere flags are imported, no additional quantity is added to the cuboid.

Fields vs Cuboids

Cuboid fields are saved on a separate database desk (pstone_cuboids) than fields (pstone_fields). As a consequence of this altering present fields that individuals are already utilizing into cuboids or viceversa is a foul thought.

Grief Revert

Grief revert fields are simply what they sound like. They’re private BigBrother fields. They’ll allow you to roll again any grief that was performed throughout the subject. These fields will document all block breaks by gamers who are usually not allowed into the sphere and all block breaks from explosions within the database. The blocks which can be damaged and recorded is not going to drop, they are going to simply disappear. There are two modes to those blocks – you’ll be able to have them rollback the grief on command when proper clicking on them, or you’ll be able to have them roll again the grief at a predefined interval with the grief-revert-interval‘ flag. You possibly can outline a listing of blocks that you do not wish to be revertible and might be stealable (drop when damaged) by including them to the pinkarmy.netk-list within the config.

Proximity Snitch

Any block with the snitch flag will create a subject which can hold a document of participant’s actions throughout the subject. It’s going to hold a document of their entry, any block breaks and placements, and any block utilization inside the sphere. You possibly can see this checklist by right-clicking on the block or typing /ps snitch. You possibly can clear the checklist at any time by issuing the command /ps snitch clear.


This can enable your customers to position a block and immediately create a complete forest of timber and grass round it. The block should be positioned on a fertile block to activate. The sorts of blocks which can be thought-about fertile may be specified with the the fertile-blocks flag, these blocks might be terraformed into grass the place plant-life can develop. As soon as the forester has achieved its job, the activator block itself will flip right into a tree. The quantity of timber which have the potential to develop may be configurable with the tree-count flag, you’ll be able to select what sort of timber to develop with the tree-types flag, and how much shubs to develop with the shrub-types flag. The period of time it would take to develop the entire forest may be set with the grow-time flag.


This can allow you to construct in a single place, and translocate that construct someplace else. It is mainly the identical performance because the worldedit instructions, however this is not going to allow you to duplicate objects, and may be handed out to your gamers in a managed manner.

The way it works

You place your translocation subject, alter the cuboid to your liking, and you then identify the sphere with /ps setname. Now it is able to document.

It’s going to document all adjustments to the realm inside the sphere. As soon as you’re performed constructing inside the realm proper click on or break the block to retailer all the pieces inside the sphere. This can take away all of the blocks recorded from the world and replica them to the database, and the translocator will disable itself prepared for the transfer.

Break the sphere and take it to its vacation spot, place it down, identify it the identical identify you named it earlier than and proper click on on it to revert all the pieces it had recorded onto the brand new location. You then use the “/ps translocation unlink” command to unlink the blocks from the translocator (in order that once you break it the blocks keep the place they’re)


You possibly can have many translocation tasks saved with the identical block. The tasks are recorded by identify. So in case you identify your block “home” and construct a home and retailer it (disable the block). Then you’ll be able to rename the block “tree”, and construct a tree. Then you’ll be able to stroll over to your vacation spot and identify your block “home” and spawn your own home. Then you’ll be able to identify your block “tree” and spawn your tree. In actuality you’ll be able to have an infinite variety of saved tasks with totally different names, and pull them up everytime you want them utilizing the identical block. There isn’t a restrict to how lengthy you’ll be able to hold one thing saved. (Word: PS purges all participant knowledge belonging to gamers inactive greater than 20 days on the server, this consists of saved translocations)

Alternate makes use of

The translocator will also be used as a toggle for blocks. For instance you’ll be able to place one down and construct a false wall, then hook up redstone and a lever to the translocator and you may make that wall seem and disappear with the flip of a change. You possibly can construct toggable bridges, moveable homes, and so forth.



For instance say you wish to transfer your base to the sting of the map:

  1. Place translocator pstone close to your base
  2. Reshape cuboid to suit round you base and shut cuboid
  3. Level on the pstone
  4. /ps setname base
  5. /ps translocation import (imports all the pieces inside the sphere into the databsae)
  6. /ps translocation delete 2 3 31 37 38 (take away the grass/filth/flowers from the imported blocks, do not wanna take the bottom with us)
  7. Proper click on on the sphere block with a software to retailer all the pieces (you’ll discover all the pieces you had chosen is now gone from the world)
  8. Break the pstone and take it to the brand new location of your base
  9. Place translocator pstone
  10. Level on the pstone
  11. /ps setname base (It’s going to inform you you may have x quantity of blocks saved)
  12. Proper click on on the pstone to spawn your base in entrance of your eyes.
  13. Break the pstone and also you’re performed.

Permitting Others

You possibly can enable folks into your fields utilizing the enable, allowall, take away, and removeall instructions. The allowall and removeall instructions enable or take away the gamers into all of your fields. Whereas the enable and take away command solely work for the fields you’re both pointing at or standing in. In case your fields are overlapped, then standing in a single will enable/take away gamers from all overlapped fields.

Right here is an instance of what you’ll be able to enable:

Command Description /ps enable [player] permits a participant into your subject(s) /ps enable c:[tag] permits a clan into your subject(s) /ps enable g:[group] allowed a gaggle into your subject(s) /ps enable * permits everybody into your subject(s)

So for instance you arrange a launcher subject and wish to enable a number of folks to make use of it you are able to do this:

Or you are able to do them multi functional line as properly:

Clans can be found by way of

Promoting and Renting

Gamers can now lease and promote their fields with the brand new rentable, shareable, and buyable flags!

Signal format

  1. [tag]
  2. quantity (merchandise/block) or quantity forex
  3. lease interval


Renting out a metropolis lot <sub>(30 gold ingots for six days use)</sub>

  1. [Rent]
  2. 30 (266)
  3. 6d

Charging in your public GodStone use <sub>(50 financial system cash for 20 minutes use, many gamers can lease it on the identical time)</sub>

  1. [Shared]
  2. 50 rupees
  3. 20m

Promoting a home <sub>(prices 15 diamond blocks to take possession)</sub>

  1. [Buy]
  2. 15 (57)

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How To:

Renting – The [Rent] tag provides you enable entry to the sphere for the particular period of time. The participant can mine, change blocks and do something besides modify or take away the sphere. The proprietor will nonetheless have rights to the realm, however he won’t be able to switch the signal, break the block, disable it, change its identify, change its radius, or enter drawing mode. After you lease the sphere it is [Rent] tag will flip RED signifying that its occupied and a countdown will seem on the final line of the signal. (Renting solely works for fields with the rentable flag)

Sharing – The [Shared] tag permits a number of gamers to lease the identical subject, used for public areas, mines, pay per use launchers, Miner’s haste, godstone and what not. It is tag will flip GOLD when at the least one individual is renting the sphere. (Sharing solely works for fields with the shareable flag)

Shopping for – The [Buy] tag adjustments the proprietor of the block to a brand new proprietor. First the participant who desires to buy the land/block should right-click on the signal to make the fee. The tag will flip RED and his identify might be displayed on the final line of the signal. Cash might be taken from him and he might be added to the enable checklist on the sphere so he can begin constructing on it, the transaction completes when the brand new proprietor proper clicks on the signal to take his fee. He’s eliminated as proprietor of the sphere and the brand new proprietor set as the correct proprietor of the sphere.(Shopping for solely works for fields with the buyable flag)

Worth – Can both be objects or financial system cash. In order for you objects you then use two numbers, the quantity and the merchandise/block id in parenthesis. (i.e. 10 (266) means ten gold ingots). If you wish to use financial system cash, then use a quantity with any textual content you need after it with out parenthesis (i.e. 10 credit)

Lease interval – This may be in weeks, days, hours, minutes, seconds or a mixture of as much as three (e.g. 5w) (e.g. 5h 30m 5s). This solely applies to lease or shared fields.

Accumulating lease – The proprietor of the fields should proper click on on the signal with a purpose to gather his fee, the funds will accumulate till he does so.



Proper-Click on Purchases one lease interval (can click on a number of instances to buy extra) Left-Click on Will present the sphere particulars and can visualize a top level view of the sphere to get a great view of the realm it covers. Whether it is being occupied, it would present who the tenant is and the way lengthy they’ve left on their lease. Shift-Proper-Click on Abandons your present lease. (no a reimbursement)


Proper-Click on Gather the lease, gather the cash for a bought subject, or checklist out the tenants on the sphere.

Plots inside fields

A number of adjustments in v8 now enable fields inside fields. One thing which was simply not potential with PS earlier than. Eliminated is the previous overlapping system. You’ll discover the instructions will now not assist you to do operations on overlapped fields. (Although you’ll be able to nonetheless overlap fields of the identical identify and sort in order that welcome and farewell messages solely present as soon as).

Now you can have, for instance, large City fields which might have plot fields within them that your gamers can place themselves. One of many adjustments that makes this potential is that at any time when an occasion is fired (block break, place, fireplace ignite, and so forth) in an space with a number of overlapping fields, the smallest one at all times takes priority and is the one one that’s gonna be obeyed. So for instance the City could have streets and city owned areas that can comply with the foundations of the City subject. However the fields within it, may have their very own flags which might differ utterly from the City subject’s flags. The gamers contained in the plot fields might be topic to each the city’s fields and the plots fields, but when each have for instance prevent-place flags, then the one within the plot will take priority (which might have folks allowed on it and so forth.). In order for you the plots to utterly override the realm they cowl and take away the mum or dad subject’s flags from the realm utterly, add the “plot” flag to the sphere.

Plots may be multi-leveled, for instance it is possible for you to to stroll right into a metropolis and and see the town’s welcome message, and stroll right into a city within it and see the city’s welcome message, and stroll into someones plot within that and see the plot’s welcome message, and inside every stage you’ll be topic to all of the flags of the degrees above together with the interior one, with the smallest subject at all times taking priority.

Overlapping Guidelines

As you understand, in case you attempt to place a subject that overlaps somebody elses subject, you will note an error message telling you that you just can not place a subject there. That is in place, clearly, so you’ll be able to’t encroach on somebody elses land. Additionally you understand if somebody permits you into their subject, you’ll be able to place a subject close by that may overlap their subject and even be within it. In earlier variations of PS this prompted issues. Your pal overlaps one among your fields with a brand new subject they added, they usually forgot to permit you on it, and so now you now not have management of a piece your land.

This can be a factor of the previous with two new adjustments in v8. The primary is computerized permitting, in case you enable your pal on one among your fields, and he locations a subject close by overlapping yours, PS will robotically enable you into his subject. This can forestall the issue of you now not being accountable for your land. You will notice that plots will simply work. Extra so, if that pal someday decides he would not such as you and needs to take away you from his allowed lists he won’t be able to take away you from that particular subject that’s overlapping yours because of the conflict-of-interest protections. His solely recourse might be to take away the sphere altogether. You possibly can really feel protected that you’ll at all times be accountable for your land.

Protecting Order

Now you can make it so sure fields can solely be positioned within others. For instance it’s your decision your plot fields solely placeable inside City fields. Now you can do that with the allow-only-inside subject flag. (i.e. allow-only-inside: [Town Protection]). With this in place you wont have plot fields throughout your server exterior of cities throwing all the pieces out of whack. Additionally for added safety as soon as a plot has been positioned inside a mum or dad subject, the mum or dad subject won’t be able to be eliminated or redrawn till all of the fields within it are eliminated.

Or for instance you wish to hold management of Jack-O-Dying fields, you may make them solely placeable in Metropolis Shield fields, this manner you’ll be able to relaxation assured that gamers are utilizing these defensively inside their very own constructions and never peppering them everywhere in the map.

Permissions per Subject

Now you can tie permissions to your fields. Now you can give your default customers permissions to make use of small plots, give the bigger ones to your members, and permit your VIP customers to create cities. Now it is tremendous straightforward with the required-permission subject flag (i.e. required-permission: pinkarmy.web). Make up any permission you want and add it to your fields. Now solely the gamers with that particular permission will be capable to place the sphere. Everybody else will simply place regular blocks.

Land Claiming Mode

You possibly can forestall anybody from having the ability to place or destroy any blocks in your world by turning on the “prevent-place-everywhere” and “prevent-destroy-everywhere” configs within the settings. With this enabled gamers will solely be capable to place and break inside fields they personal or are allowed in. Fields with the allow-place and allow-destroy flags would be the solely fields gamers will be capable to place in protected land, thus are the fields that they are going to use to say land.

Economic system Assist

Vault is used for financial system help

You need to use the value subject flag to present a subject a value. When the sphere is positioned, the quantity might be taken from the participant’s account. When the sphere is eliminated (block is damaged), the quantity might be refunded.

Information values

Now you can use knowledge values within the *unbreakableBlocks* checklist, the *bypassBlocks* checklist, the *unprotectableBlocks* checklist, and within the *block* subject flag. This implies now you can outline fields that function on particular block+knowledge combos. For instance the place previously you may use leaves to make a subject by setting block to “18” on the sphere, now you’ll be able to really create 4 totally different fields with leaves ’18:4′, ’18:5′, ’18:6′, ’18:7′. For those who run tekkit, this implies you’ll be able to for instance use tin blocks as a subject “224:1”, and use copper blocks as one other “224:2”, and so forth.

One limitation is that you just can not use the zero knowledge (’18:0′) together with the remainder. Information of zero (’18:0′) is handled the identical as utilizing the block quantity with out something (18), which is identical as saying “use all knowledge values for this block as a subject”.


A file containing all of the textual content on the plugin may be discovered within the plugin folder known as pinkarmy.web. This file will assist you to change the whole plugin into your personal language. Even when your server’s language is English, this file will assist you to change any and the entire textual content within the plugin, will allow you to change the colours of all messages outputted (chat and logs), and even allow you to change the identify of the instructions to greatest fit your server.


This plugin, created by dandielo, exhibits you the areas of fields in dynmap. Simply drop it in with PreciousStones and use the brand new subject flags to pick out which fields you wish to be seen on the map.

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