Pramiracetam Review: Dosage, Benefits, Side Effects & Buy | Pink Army

Pramiracetam Review: Dosage, Benefits, Side Effects & Buy  | Pink Army
Pramiracetam Review: Dosage, Benefits, Side Effects & Buy | Pink Army

Making an attempt to recollect the whole lot about what your boss advised you is a job for Pramiracetam.

You will have issues recalling college classes, or you could have been below mind trauma therapy.

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If that’s the case, you can also dive into this evaluate and learn the way this cognitive-enhancing energy tablet works with fantastic results in your mind.

Learn on and look carefully on the brain-boosting capabilities of Pramiracetam.

What’s Pramiracetam?

pramiracetam structure

Pramiracetam [R] was synthesized in 1979 by the Parke-Davis pharmaceutical firm and was distributed as Primastar.

Much like Piracetam, it’s identified for its cognitive-enhancing properties however works as much as 30 instances stronger.

The complement was initially developed for sufferers affected by neurodegenerative problems, mind accidents, and different central nervous system problems.

Pramiracetam is a constructive allosteric modulator of the AMPA receptor. It has been studied for its position in reminiscence enhancement, neuroprotection, and temper enchancment.

This nootropic is changing into broadly identified within the US and a few nations in Europe. Individuals use it as a complement to enhance psychological capabilities such because the formation, processing, and retrieval of knowledge. It’s also in a position to stimulate focus and focus.

Though it’s created for the aged and brain-injured sufferers, wholesome folks additionally flock to get their palms on the tablets.

Mechanism of Motion

Pramiracetam is a racetam complement of the 2-oxo-pyrrolidine class, which incorporates a piperidine group. This distinctive function provides the compound totally different properties from its shut relations, equivalent to Piracetam and aniracetam.

As well as, not like Piracetam, Pramiracetam reveals a excessive affinity for each synaptic and extrasynaptic AMPA receptors in rat forebrain membranes however no affinity for NMDA or kainate receptors.

Pramiracetam binds to the PSB website in rat mind membranes with a Okay i = 9-17 μM.

What’s the Use of Pramiracetam?

Pramiracetam was synthesized from Piracetam as a drug to boost psychological capability via the high-affinity choline uptake (HACU) course of.

Impacts reminiscence

It was developed to forestall reminiscence loss among the many aged and help in treating sufferers who’re affected by neurodegenerative illnesses.

After a number of years, its potential as a neuroenhancer was examined amongst people – younger and wholesome – whether or not or not they’ve brain-related well being situations.

Because of this, it was recorded as a nootropic that considerably elevated retention and lowered signs of gentle amnesia.


Pramiracetam is a drug that’s used to shield the mind in opposition to varied sorts of harm. It helps to stimulate psychological exercise and boosts reminiscence. Docs can prescribe this explicit remedy to individuals who undergo from seizures.

Pramiracetam has additionally been extensively studied for its potential therapy for Alzheimer’s illness, Parkinson’s illness, stroke restoration, despair, and extra.

Pramiracetam boosts reminiscence, psychological exercise, and it is a wonderful neuroprotector. It’s believed to have a really excessive efficiency resulting from its superior lipid solubility, permitting it to cross the blood-brain barrier.

Restoration from Mind Damage

Many European nations prescribe this complement to assist deal with neurological situations. This isn’t restricted to the aged as a result of it is usually used amongst adults affected by ADHD, dyslexia, and dementia [R].

Pramiracetam is a nootropic drug that helps within the prevention and therapy of neurological illnesses and problems. It’s also efficient in bettering cognitive efficiency and decreasing mind harm attributable to head accidents.

Results & Advantages of Pramiracetam

Utilizing Pramiracetam is legendary not simply as a therapy within the medical area. Pramiracetam opinions additionally present that it’s used as a complement amongst wholesome younger people.

Among the many constructive advantages of taking the tablet are the next:

Will increase recall. Analysis magnifies its important position in dramatically enhancing reminiscence. It targets the hippocampus a part of the mind and ensures excessive reminiscence capabilities and higher studying potential.

Supplies neuroprotection. That is one profit that addresses the potential harm attributable to toxins and different medicine like scopolamine, which produces reminiscence loss. A partial discount of the case was recorded, slowing down an individual’s cognitive decline.

effects of pramiracetam

Accelerates mind damage recoveries. When the mind suffers from damage or trauma, giant doses of medication are sometimes administered for quick restoration. Since Pramiracetam is 30 instances stronger than different nootropics, a fewer dose is simply what it wants to assist cut back the unintended effects of gentle neurological accidents.

Improves reminiscence loss. The satisfactory blood provide within the mind ensures higher reminiscence, however when the arteries supplying the blood are blocked, it poses destructive cognitive signs. Sufferers who’ve Pramiracetam expertise attested to have an improved reminiscence after a number of weeks of therapy.

So is there any scientific proof indicating the constructive results of Pramiracetam?

Sure. Research have proven that Pramiracetam considerably enhanced cognition and temper in older adults with reminiscence impairment. A separate examine confirmed that individuals who took 300 milligrams of Pramiracetam skilled enhancements in visible data processing, spatial planning potential, and associative studying.

It has additionally been used to forestall neurodegeneration resulting from its neuroprotective properties and enhance cognitive perform in wholesome people.

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Though it has some comparatively minor unintended effects equivalent to headache and nausea, these points can seemingly be overcome by adjusting the dosage or taking tablets as an alternative of powder for the complement.

How Does It Work within the Mind?

Pramiracetam maintains and will increase the blood circulation and oxygen being carried to the mind whereas guaranteeing a stabilized glucose metabolism.

It stimulates the chemical compounds via an elevated choline degree or high-affinity choline uptake to have higher mind exercise. Choline performs an important position in kick-starting the acetylcholine receptor, which capabilities as a neurotransmitter within the hippocampus. With sufficient choline, psychological vitality reaches its potential in storing and recalling lengthy and short-term recollections.

Medical trials have proven that the general cognitive talents of the mind are enhanced whereas getting an satisfactory provide of blood and oxygen.

Dosage of Pramiracetam

Probably the most advisable dose is between 500-1600 mg, cut up into a number of doses.

In taking Pramiracetam, begin with the minimal dose of 500 mg unfold all through the day. You’ll be able to enhance your consumption as soon as your physique will get used to the drug. It’s also suggested to take it in the course of the day and ideally after a meal.

The optimum dose of Pramiracetam is 600 mg per day, taken in two doses. Some customers take as a lot as 1 g per day. Nonetheless, it is necessary to notice that many specialists consider this harmful resulting from potential unintended effects equivalent to elevated agitation and irritability.

Be aware to not exceed your each day dose by taking too many different dietary dietary supplements containing Pramiracetam or any racetams. An overdose might lead to poisoning.

At a dosage of 600 milligrams a day, Pramiracetam has been proven to extend cognition and enhance the temper at a secure dosage.

How one can Take Pramiracetam?

You’ll be able to select to take the Pramiracetam powder, capsule, or pill type. It’s suggested to unfold the dose all through the day and each after a meal to get the utmost results of the nootropic.

how to take pramiracetam

Aspect Results

Pramiracetam is a low-risk nootropic that requires a fewer dose in comparison with different nootropics. Taking the next dose would solely lead to intolerance.

Even in case you are solely taking the small dosage, you should still really feel only a few unintended effects which can be quite common to nootropics.

Pramiracetam is often well-tolerated, however some folks expertise gentle unintended effects equivalent to headache, insomnia, nausea, and irritability at increased doses.

Pramiracetam will increase dopamine ranges within the mind, resulting in agitation and anxiousness in some customers of the complement. It is unclear why this occurs for some folks and never others, so be aware of any hostile modifications you expertise when taking pramiracetam dietary supplements.

For those who discover indicators of tension or irritability even after stopping the usage of pramiracetam complement, seek the advice of your physician instantly.

How one can Cut back Aspect Results

Pramiracetam is a ravishing nootropic that ought to be a part of any stack of medication, however it could possibly additionally trigger some unintended effects in customers. The most typical facet impact is complications, however insomnia, dry mouth, vertigo, nervousness, abdomen discomfort, nausea, and constipation are additionally reported by some customers.

side effects of pramiracetam

Fortuitously, there are methods to cut back Pramiracetam’s unintended effects for individuals who undergo from these signs.

Taking this sensible drug with meals as an alternative of on an empty abdomen will assist cut back many individuals’s nausea and discomfort. Consuming loads of water together with Pramiracetam may assist ease dry mouth and constipation.

Pramiracetam ought to be taken within the morning or early afternoon, not late at evening, as insomnia is a possible facet impact.

The severity of every facet impact is totally different for each particular person, but when not one of the suggestions talked about above assist, then it is best to cease taking this sensible drug or discuss together with your physician about different choices.

Experiences Shared on Reddit

Here is what the customers need to say about this sensible drug.

In line with MisterYouAreSoDumb:

In line with DigitallyAborted:

In line with baronjpetor:

Pramiracetam Stacks

The everyday draw back of taking nootropics is the discount of choline.

pramiracetam stack

Allow us to not neglect that choline performs an necessary position in sending indicators to the mind. It’s the precursor of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter and the one which does all of the sending of indicators.

Pramiracetam stack is in style to make sure higher well-being and the advance of cognitive perform.

Chances are you’ll stack it with totally different dietary dietary supplements or medicine to create a synergy that will provide you with essentially the most fascinating impact.

In line with analysis, these are a few of the finest stacks to get essentially the most out of the Pramiracetam nootropic.


When taking the complement, you get the advantages and a few unintended effects as effectively. One is the lowered choline within the mind. This ought to be on prime of your stack checklist since it’s important to have sufficient choline provide.

A number of the finest choline dietary supplements are Alpha GPC and Citicoline. You are able to do any of those two medicine, and you’ll absolutely profit from Pramiracetam with out having to alter your eating regimen as effectively. It additionally helps lower unintended effects equivalent to complications whereas on the nootropics.


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Also called an efficient anti-anxiety agent. It additionally reduces stress, so that you enhance your focus and focus for extra productiveness.

When stacked with Pramiracetam, your psychological potential is stimulated, and your temper turns into higher.

This mix of medication reduces stress and anxiousness so you’ll be able to socialize and study on the identical time.

Different Nootropics

If in case you have not tried any nootropics earlier than, it’s possible you’ll strive utilizing Pramiracetam nootropic alone and really feel its results in your physique. After a number of weeks, it’s possible you’ll strive stacking it with different nootropics related to the outcome you want.

A number of the nootropics to select from are Armodafinil, Modafinil, and Adrafinil. These sensible medicine enhance psychological vitality for extra focus and focus. Individuals usually stack it with any of those at instances after they want lengthy hours of learning.

The place to Purchase Pramiracetam Capsules & Powder?

Pramiracetam may be purchased in powder, capsule, or pill varieties. The FDA doesn’t but approve this drug within the US, however there isn’t a regulation to purchase it on-line.

buy pramiracetam powder

One of the best ways to purchase it’s via a good website that has a confirmed observe report of supplying reliable nootropics like this web site. One advantage of this website is which you could ask them for extra particulars concerning the nootropics via their e mail handle.

It has an unbiased testing laboratory and has been promoting nootropics which have undergone strict scrutiny and analysis. It has totally different nootropics, and you may be assured it has Pramiracetam on the market on its web site.

How A lot Does it Price?

Pramiracetam powder sometimes prices $1.50 to $2.00 per gram relying on the amount ordered and different elements equivalent to the standard of uncooked materials used and the corporate promoting it.

Pramiracetam capsules price round $0.30 to $0.60 every, however that doesn’t take into consideration delivery costs or particular person state taxes that could be added onto every buy which might drive up the value even additional relying on location.

One of the best ways to get a good suggestion of how a lot Pramiracetam will price is to contact a number of suppliers and decide their value per gram.

Additionally, you will need to understand that whereas the price of Pramiracetam is comparatively low in comparison with different racetams equivalent to Aniracetam or Oxiracetam, the standard of the uncooked materials used does matter when figuring out how efficient it is going to be.

Phenylpiracetam vs. Pramiracetam: Which is Higher?

For those who’re trying to enhance your cognition or temper, then Phenylpiracetam could also be a little bit higher for you due to its stimulating properties. For those who’re trying to cut back the results of Alzheimer’s illness or PTSD, then Pramiracetam will likely be more practical. When making this resolution, you will need to weigh the professionals and cons of every nootropic.

Here is an inventory of the Professionals and Cons of Phenylpiracetam:

Professionals: Phenylpiracetam has some stimulating properties that will assist with focus. Not as costly as Pramiracetam. It may possibly cut back signs of Alzheimer’s illness and PTSD.

phenylpiracetam vs pramiracetam

Cons: Could cause complications should you take an excessive amount of. Possibly extra on the expensive facet, relying on the place you buy it from (costlier on-line).

Now let’s take a look at some Professionals and Cons of Pramiracetam:

Professionals: Some research present that Pramiracetam could promote the event of recent neurons in grownup brains, which can assist you to assume extra clearly and bear in mind issues higher. Pramiracetam has been proven to cut back signs of Alzheimer’s illness and PTSD. It’s typically cheaper than Phenylpiracetam.

Cons: Not as a lot analysis is out there about this nootropic in comparison with Phenylpiracetam. It may possibly trigger complications if taken with poor type or an excessive amount of, so watch out when buying it.

When weighing the professionals and cons of every nootropic, it’s essential to contemplate your causes for taking the drug within the first place.

If you’re searching for productive outcomes with out hurting your pockets, Pramiracetam may be a more sensible choice as a result of it’s often inexpensive than Phenylpiracetam.

phenylpiracetam vs pramiracetam

Nonetheless, in case you are searching for a drug with stimulating properties which you could additionally keep centered on, Phenylpiracetam is the higher alternative.

In conclusion, it is necessary to weigh the professionals and cons of every nootropic when making your resolution. When making this resolution, you need to contemplate your causes for taking a nootropic drug within the first place.

Bear in mind to be secure when taking these medicine and observe all instructions your physician or medical skilled provides.

Steadily Requested Questions (FAQ)

If in case you have any questions which can be bothering you, it’s possible you’ll discover the solutions right here.

How Lengthy Does It Take to Work?

After ingesting the complement, it often takes 30-60 minutes earlier than you are feeling the results taking place. You grow to be extra alert, have extra vitality, and might simply soak up data.

Is It Protected?

The complement is assured low-risk, so it’s secure to make use of in accordance with the required dose.

Is It Authorized?

Though the FDA doesn’t but approve it within the US, it isn’t restricted to purchase Pramiracetam on-line. Russia and a few nations in Europe use the drug to deal with neurological illnesses that trigger reminiscence loss.


Pramiracetam is a extremely potent nootropic within the racetam household that guarantees higher psychological capabilities and prevents reminiscence loss resulting from ageing or neurodegenerative illnesses or accidents.

Many individuals are utilizing it to assist them give attention to their research or to cut back the potential for cognitive decline.

This product has undergone scientific trials on people to check its results. With all of the distractions round, this nootropic is price attempting to enhance your cognitive perform and state of well-being.

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