2. Pixel Piracy General hints and tips | Pink Army

2. Pixel Piracy General hints and tips | Pink Army
2. Pixel Piracy General hints and tips | Pink Army


You management your crew by highlighting an space or an enemy with the left stick, then clicking cn_RT to make your crew transfer there or assault.

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The sport will allow you to save at nearly any level. Abuse this method to ensure you can backtrack in case something goes flawed. Be certain to not save over the autosave slot, as a result of you’ll lose that save. It can save you at any level whereas on an island and after killing the enemy throughout a ship encounter.

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The sport is thought for being glitchy. Sadly, the sport appears to cut back the framerate the longer it’s performed, so I’d advise utilizing this information to do your finest speedrun. Close to the tip of the sport chances are you’ll have to pressure shut often to revive the FPS. Moreover, your crew appears to get caught steadily, particularly in tiered ships. If that occurs, attempt shifting them to a different location then shifting again to the unique place. Word the conduct of your crew members, as even when they’re floating, the sport could also be registering them as in an applicable place, reminiscent of consuming meals or utilizing a cannon.


There are three varieties of locations within the sport: cities, islands, and enemy ships. Cities are the place you should purchase items and new crew members. Not each city has every kind of retailers, so bear in mind which place has what. Islands all have gold chests and normally some enemy to defeat. Enemy ships could be plundered for simple gold and provides.


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There are 5 varieties of store within the sport: tavern, weapon store, meals store, mayor store, and ship store. The beginning city can have all of those, however every city can have completely different gadgets of their retailers, so you’ll have to go searching. The tavern is the place you should purchase extra crew members. The weapon store sells weapons, however the one weapon you may be serious about shopping for is the flint pistol. You’ll extra steadily be promoting weapons than shopping for them. The meals store sells meals after all. Sometimes you may stick to purchasing melons to feed your crew. The mayor store sells abilities and a few equipment. The ship store sells issues to your ship.


Every crew member can maintain a melee weapon, ranged weapon, and accent. Open the Crew Manifest with cn_Y and choose a crew member to switch their loadout. Test your stock often to see should you can equip your crew with higher melee weapons. You must intention for about 7.5+ assault, and promote additional swords for gold. The accent slot is not going to be used on this walkthrough aside from the diaper achievement.


Whereas on an island or at a city, you may press cn_back to open the map and sail at any time. You do not want to return your crew to the ship first, not like throughout an enemy ship encounter.

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