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Wraith Wraith Location Spawns in Skeletal remains, Tomb, Crypt, Graveyard, Hero’s remains Walk speed 1 tile per turn Defense Health 1 HP Dodge (depth+10)×5 Armor 0 Resistant to Nothing Immune to Grim weaponTerror On damage Nothing special Attack Range Melee Accuracy depth+10 Damage 1 to (depth+3) Attack delay 1 turn per attack On hit Nothing special Death Max level(inclusive) 30 for XP32 for drop Experience 0 XP Drops Nothing

The Wraith is a special enemy appearing in skeletal remains, Tomb, Crypt, Graveyard, Hero’s remains (special room type which can be generated in any depth, except in non-regular depths (i.e. boss depths, and depths 21 & 26)).

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Wraith A wraith is a vengeful spirit of a sinner, whose grave or tomb was disturbed. Being an ethereal entity, it is very hard to hit with a regular weapon.


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Wraiths only spawn from Tombs and Skeletal remains/Hero’s remains when they’re disturbed by the Hero/ine.

Wraiths from crypts will spawn in the four cells cardinally beside you. However, if there is a wall or statue beside you, then a Wraith will not spawn there.

Wraiths deal damage in amount of +/- 2 of the depth level. E.g. on depth 12, they deal 10-14 damage.

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Wraiths will begin to attack the turn after they are spawned, giving the Hero/ine a chance to blink, teleport away, or to make a hasty retreat.

Wraiths have a very high dodge, so it is very rare for Wraiths to get hit by melee attacks; it is advised to use other tactics (see Tips below).

Special notes

  • Gravestones and skeletal remains can be found in Crypts, Graveyards (gravestones), Pits (skeletal remains), and randomly in the dungeon (skeletal remains only).
  • They are weak to magic damage (incl. poison & fire) which could be a huge advantage to the player.


  • By exiting the room and waiting behind the then-closed door, your Hero/ine will perform a surprise attack that will instantly vanquish the Wraith. (Surprise attacks have 100% accuracy.)As the other Wraiths are waiting behind the first one, they see your Hero/ine and immediately take the place of the vanquished Wraith without letting the door close. Your Hero/ine no longer can perform a surprise attack here, so your Hero/ine will have to retreat behind another door and repeat the surprise attack.
    • A Scroll of Lullaby can put Wraiths to sleep allowing for a surprise attack.
  • Prior to raiding a tomb, it is recommended to position your Hero/ine beside a wall, a statue, or the corner of the room as wraiths will only be spawned cardinally (a plus or + formation) over the free cells around your Hero/ine. This will decrease the amount of Wraiths your Hero/ine will have to face to 3 or lower.
    • Carefully placed sheep from a Wand of Flock can prevent them from spawning around gravestones.
  • Use the fastest or most magical weapon you have, regardless of the damage it does. Wraiths only have 1 HP so any successful hit vanquishes them.
    • Prior to raiding a tomb, it is recommended to have a Battle Wand ready in order to effectively vanquish will never miss, so every shot will vanquish one Wraith; Mages have an advantage in combating Wraiths due to having the Wand of Magic Missile at the start. Using a Wand of Lightning will sometimes vanquish all adjacent Wraiths with one zap, but it can also do damage to your Hero/ine.
    • You can also use harmful potions such as a Potion of Toxic Gas or a Potion of Liquid Flame to effectively vanquish Wraiths.
    • A Scroll of Psionic Blast can also vanquish Wraiths.
    • If desperate, vegetation or a door can be set on fire with a Seed of Firebloom or a Wand of Firebolt. Any Wraith floating over a burning tile will be pinkarmy.netver, Wraiths float over plants, so the Firebloom plant will have to be triggered manually.
  • Dreamweed plants can be triggered to release confusion gas, inflicting the Vertigo debuff and causing the Wraiths to disperse.
  • Using a Wand of Amok to force other enemies to fight Wraiths is usually ineffective, as even other Wraiths cannot hit another Wraith any better than the Hero/ine pinkarmy.netver, Gnoll shamans, Dwarf warlocks, and Evil eyes can effectively hit Wraiths with their magic attacks.
  • To avoid Wraiths, walk to the space where the remains are (this has to be adjacent to a wall) so that your Hero/ine is on top of it but hasn’t interacted with it. Because your Hero/ine is on top of the remains, it can’t spawn, and your Hero/ine can collect the item. WARNING: Doing this will cost your Hero/ine a massive amount of HP!


Update Change 0.4.1 Changed: Levitating enemies cannot be Rooted 1.7.0 Changed: Levitating enemies cannot fall into chasms anymore

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