Nike Prime Hype DF Performance Review | Pink Army

Nike Prime Hype DF Performance Review | Pink Army
Nike Prime Hype DF Performance Review | Pink Army

In all my years, ballin’ on a budget never felt this good…

Nike Prime Hype DF Performance Review 1Traction – I showed this shoes traction alongside the Nike Hyperdunk 2014 and mentioned there that even though the two patterns are very similar, they performed very differently. Between the two, you’d assume the pricier model would boast the best performance… but that wasn’t the case. You’ll get more out of this pattern, whether you’re indoors or outdoors, and the pattern itself was just very consistent. Not much wiping needed and covers you in multidirectional fashion for ample coverage.

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Nike Prime Hype DF Performance Review 2Cushion- Dual Fusion was my favorite cushion system to run in back when my legs and knees where 100% healthy. Its lightweight, soft and slightly responsive without restricting range of motion. For me, this was the Lunarlon before there was Lunarlon… probably why I took to Lunar so well when it was introduced. What I like most about this particular setup is that its full length and its supportive while providing adequate cushion. The grey layer is a standard Phylon which acts as a carrier to the red softer Phylon layer. Both work incredibly well together which is greatly appreciated in my book. If you’re looking to try out a budget friendly model but dislike the lack of cushion most of them have… this shoe is the exact opposite. Budget friendly but with cushion.

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Nike Prime Hype DF Performance Review 3Materials – Standard materials at this point in time. Fuse and synthetic leather are used along the entire shoe and we pretty much know what that’ll bring. Plenty of durability and a little bit of break-in time. Woven is the hot new material to use nowadays so technically this Fuse stuff is outdated… but it still works very well so no real complaints.

Nike Prime Hype DF Performance Review 4Fit – They fit true to size and maybe even a little narrow at the forefoot. Try a pair on if you can, but I’d recommend getting your normal size if all else fails. Lockdown was solid… this part of the shoe was very much like a Hyperfuse or Hyperdunk model. Very reliable and nothing out of this world… gets the job done which is what a budget friendly model is all about.

Nike Prime Hype DF Performance Review 5Ventilation – Above average ventilation on these guys and I was happy about that. The toe would’ve benefited from some perforations, but thats just me nitpicking.

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Nike Prime Hype DF Performance Review 6Support – Most of the support comes from the shoes fit and lockdown. The rest of the support comes from under your foot with the flat stable base and Dual Fusion setup. I landed on someone’s foot twice while playing in these shoes and both times I was able to quickly recover and get back to playing.

Nike Prime Hype DF Performance Review 7Overall – Its rare to find a budget friendly model that doesn’t need a little something here or there… maybe an insole or double socks. The Nike Prime Hype DF isn’t one of those though. If you put these on along with a pair of Hyperdunk’s, you’d have a hard time noticing the difference. These are a great bang for your buck model that you can currently grab at Finish Line. If they’re at other retailers in other colorways then feel free to let me know below in the comment section. If you end up trying out a pair for yourself, make to hit me up and let me know what you think… ball’n on a budget never felt this good.

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