my dog barks at me when i sit on the couch

my dog barks at me when i sit on the couch
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my dog barks at me when i sit on the couch


If you are wondering why “my dog barks at me when I sit on the couch” or when you are on the phone, watching television, sitting at the computer, playing your video game or when hugging someone — then most likely they are probably barking to get your attention.

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After all, dogs are social animals and they need attention as much as we do; maybe even more so.

Now, if you have ever tossed your dog a toy, or maybe a treat, spoken to them or touched them when they did that (the barking) then…well… you rewarded them. You may not have meant to, but what caused the good thing to happen for your rebellious little buddy?


So now, what do you think they do more of in the future?

Any guesses?

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They will…Bark!

My Dog Barks At Me When I Sit On The Couch


If you would like to stop your little buddy from doing this then you may want to this try these suggestions:


Ignore the barking: And we do mean to completely and totally ignore the barking. Do not glance at them, smile at them, gasp at them, scowl at them, comment at them or otherwise react to them, as all of these reactions can be considered rewarding to the dog.

Consider a Guided Down: Many dogs (even rebellious ones) quiet when downed. So pretraining your dog (preferably when they are pups) to lie down to light pressure on the leash can make them more manageable.

Reward quiet: If they are quiet for a few moments, give them a toy to work on, preferably something with some type of food inside.

Body block them away from you: Being made to move away from you (meaning distancing yourself from them) is a powerful message to any dog. So one option you may want to try, when your dog barks at you, is to walk into their personal space. This causes them to back up and away from you. Look past them, not at them, and continue backing them until you have backed them out of the room. After this go about your business.


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Don’t give in: Do NOT feed them, pet them, speak to them, toss a toy or put them outside (unless they really need to go). Give them NO ATTENTION!!

Don’t make a move: If you reach toward a treat or toy when they are barking, intending to use the toy or treat when they become quiet, then you just unintentionally rewarded the barking.

Don’t forget the basics: Demanding dogs are quite often smart dogs who need more than they are getting from life. Are they getting all the exercise they needs? The interaction and the training (Learn how to train your dog today get a discount for purchasing today)? If not, make sure they do.


Add a negative: Many dogs HATE being sprayed with a stream of water. Now you don’t want to be sadistic with this but spraying them when they bark with water can curb that bad attitude.

If you would like to learn more tricks and secrets to train your dog to be the best that they can then feel free to purchase The Best Training Course for your dog.

Increase their I.Q and teach them to be the best little guy/or gals they can be.

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