Ranking Minecraft village houses based on their appearances | Pink Army

Ranking Minecraft village houses based on their appearances | Pink Army
Ranking Minecraft village houses based on their appearances | Pink Army

In Minecraft, there are five types of villages: plains, savanna, taiga, desert, and snowy.

Every Minecraft village has its own unique look that makes it stand out from the next. This is especially evident in the wide variety of village house designs.

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Although every Minecraft village house is different, some are arguably more beautiful and picturesque than the others.

*Disclaimer: this list is subjective and reflects the opinions of the author.*

Minecraft villages houses ranked by looks

5) Snowy

The snowy village (Image via Minecraft)

The snowy village is among the rarest of them all, given that its designated biome is not as common. While finding a snowy village can be exciting, the houses within them are not anything special.

Snowy village houses appear as log cabins, made almost entirely out of wood. This fits the snowy environment, but the abundance of the same color makes the houses quite dull in appearance. Considering every possible Minecraft block, the snowy village house designs are a bit lackluster.

4) Plains

The plains village (Image via Minecraft)

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Made mostly of wood and cobblestone, the houses in plains villages contain some of the most common blocks in Minecraft.

Being the original Minecraft village design, plains village houses can be quite boring for veteran players. For the most part, they look like beginner house builds and are not very exciting. However, they are good inspiration for beginner-level builds.

Out of all Minecraft villages, the plains houses are widely considered the least attractive.

3) Desert

The desert village (Image via Minecraft)

Desert village houses are mostly made of sandstone, maintaining one neutral color throughout most of their designs.

However, terracotta blocks can be found atop some houses, providing the village with small pops of color. Plus, there is a bit more depth throughout the houses in desert villages, thanks to the use of stair and wall blocks.

While these houses are mostly monochrome, their design fits well within the desert biome. The houses compliment their environment and are aligned in a design similar to the desert temple structure found in desert biomes.

2) Taiga

The taiga village (Image via Minecraft)

Taiga Village contains one of the most quirky Minecraft village houses. These houses represent a different take on log cabins, with more depth to the designs as they are far less box-like than the others.

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Almost always surrounded by a plethora of trees, the taiga village houses carry a cozy look to them. They fit perfectly within their biome environment. However, unlike their desert village counterparts, taiga village houses don’t blend into the biome.

The interiors of these villages are the most unique of them all. Most other village interiors look similar to one another, but taiga villages don’t fall into that category.

1) Savanna

The savanna village (Image via Minecraft)

The savannah village is, by far, the most colorful and dynamic of them all. The acacia wood blocks boast a variety of colors, plus the savanna provides the most terracotta of any other village.

These villages stand out amongst their own biome as well. The savanna biome is full of muted green grass, so the bright orange and yellow village houses add a great new look.

Compared to the monochromatic blocks used in other Minecraft villages, the savanna village is arguably the best looking.

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