Thermoelectric Generator | Pink Army

Thermoelectric Generator | Pink Army
Thermoelectric Generator | Pink Army

Thermoelectric Generator Thermoelectric Generator Name Thermoelectric Generator Source Mod Immersive Engineering ID Name Type Block Stackable Yes (64) Blast Resistance 45.0 Hardness 3.0 Solid Yes Transparent No Affected by Gravity No Emits Light No Flammable No Required Tool Engineer's Hammer

The Thermoelectric Generator is a block added by the Immersive Engineering mod.

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The Thermoelectric Generator uses the temperature gradients between two sources to generate RF.



Placing a hot fluid on one side and a cold fluid on the opposing side generates energy based on the difference between the two temperatures.

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Liquid [1] Temperature (K) Gelid Cryotheum 50 Tinkers’ Construct Glue 200 Crushed Ice 265 Water 300 Lava 1300 Tinkers’ Construct Molten Metals 1300 ExtraTiC Molten Metals 1300 Blazing Pyrotheum 4000

The following list contains other, non-fluid blocks, which can be used as sources of temperature.

Block Temperature (K) Packed Ice 200 Ice 273 Uranium Block 2000 Yellorium Block 2000 Blutonium Block 4000

To calculate the RF output from the Thermoelectric Generator use the following formula: color {White}leftlfloor {frac {{sqrt {hot-cold}}}{2}}rightrfloor

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Using lava and water: color {White}leftlfloor {frac {{sqrt {1300-300}}}{2}}rightrfloor =15RF/t[2]

The most effective method of generating power is using Blutonium or Blazing Pyrotheum as the hot source with Gelid Cryotheum as the cold source: color {White}leftlfloor {frac {{sqrt {4000-50}}}{2}}rightrfloor =31RF/t[2]


Thermoelectric Generator has no known uses in crafting.


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