How to Create Tennis Court in Minecraft | Pink Army

How to Create Tennis Court in Minecraft | Pink Army

Minecraft is one of the most popular games ever made, and its popularity continues to grow despite being 12 years old. Its simplistic gameplay and its construction and crafting system have largely inspired the video game industry. Even though it is a classic, players tend to get bored after a few weeks of playing the game. This is because the cubic graphics style game largely depends on your imagination, creativity, and knowledge.

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minecraft game in tennis

At some point, you are bound to be all out of ideas. It is when you can seek inspiration from the real world and replicate it in the game. You can even create something unique that no one has ever built. Such an effort will definitely earn you good praise in the community. Make sure that you have a good clicking score in the game. You can check your CPS Test here. The community is also a great place to be inspired by new ideas. In this article, we will look at one such exciting idea: building a tennis court in Minecraft.

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Building a tennis court in Minecraft is easy. But if you want a court that is identical to a tennis court in the real world, you will need to pay attention to details. There are many ways to build a tennis court in Minecraft, but it all depends on your creativity and approach. Before we build a tennis court, we will just run you through the materials you will need to create the court.

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Required Materials

  • Stack of each block
  • Sandstone slabs
  • Lime green clay
  • Snow or white carpet
  • Iron bars (preferable to use polished andesite)

Steps to Build a Tennis Court in Minecraft

  1. Finding the right place

    Choose a flat area with enough space around.

  2. Creating a frame Lay down 29 by 21 blocks to create the length and width of the court to start by building the frame of the court. At this point, you will have an L-shaped frame. All you have to do is make a rectangle of it by creating another L-shaped frame. Now you have the perimeter of your tennis court.
  3. Fill in the base

    Now, you have to fill in the inside of the frame with grass, clay, or even orange clay. For example, let’s fill up the court with lime green clay. You can even choose to fill it with grass, but the clay offers a more solid and polished appearance.

  4. Marking the tennis court

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    Now, we will create the marking for the court using snow. If you haven’t got snow, then you can use a white carpet. However, snow offers a more smooth look. Create all the markings of the tennis courts, such as the baseline, singles and doubles sidelines, center mark, and service pinkarmy.nett, lay the snow adjacent to the frame of the court. This will be your double’s sideline. Next, you will have to go one block in from the double’s sideline to mark the single’s sideline using the snow. The problem most face is that they get the markings wrong. So best to draw or have a picture of a tennis court next to create the center mark, go six blocks in from the single’s sideline and lay down a block at the baseline on each side. Now you have to find the middle of the court to draw a centerline or net line. Lay down the snow to mark it. We will be removing this line later as it is our guide to create the service line. Next, create the service line on each side. Once done, remove the centerline.

  5. Construct the net

    To build the net for the court, you have to lay two blocks on each end of the centerline that we just removed. Now, take the iron bars and connect both these blocks to create the net.

You can also follow this video to learn more about the same.

We would recommend laying down a white carpet on top of the iron bars for a better aerial view. While this is one way to create a tennis court in Minecraft, there are many other ways you can go about it. You can always experiment with a combination of different materials to build a unique tennis court for your virtual house.

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