How to build a pirate ship easily in Minecraft | Pink Army

How to build a pirate ship easily in Minecraft | Pink Army

A pirate ship is one of the most impressive builds a player can create in Minecraft. The oceans of Minecraft tend to be quite bare, and many players are interested in spicing them up a bit. A pirate ship is a great way to add life and detail to the oceans of Minecraft.

Pirate ships may be quite tricky to build for some, however with some decent tips the player should be able to get a fearsome pirate ship floating within an hour. The ship seen in the image above is quite advanced, and players will have to work up to that level of skill.

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How to quickly build a pirate ship in Minecraft

Materials Required

A simple pirate ship (Image via Mojang)

Since pirate ships only require basic resources, Minecraft players at any stage of the game will be able to build them.

Listed below are some of the (optional) resources that players can use to build a pirate ship:

  • Wood Logs (any type)
  • Wood Planks (any type)
  • Wool (any color)
  • Cobblestone
  • Fences
  • Stairs (any type)

Of course, all of these blocks are completely optional, and players can build their pirate ship out of obsidian if they choose to.

How to build a pirate ship in Minecraft

Another simple pirate ship (Image via Mojang)

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The image above is a great example of one of the simplest pirate ships possible. It is very small and will be a quick build.

Players are recommended to begin with the deck of the ship first and work down. This will allow the player to decide the shape of their ship. The pirate ship above starts with a flat rectangle for the deck.

The player must then create a sharp point at the front of the ship, with the end being one block wide and a few blocks long. Players should be careful not to make the tip of their ship too long for aesthetic reasons. The tip is usually raised a bit on pirate ships, and a completely flat deck will also not look natural.

The back of the ship will not be pointed, and will ideally have a flat or round shape. The back of the ship should also be slightly higher than the front. Basically, the ship should look like a very short and thick pencil when seen from above.

Now that players have the deck of their ship worked out, they can then finish the body. The side of the ship can be completely flat, and will ideally get thinner as it is about to touch the water. The back and front of the ship will be at sharp angles, and players can use stairs to connect them.

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After completing the body of the ship, Minecraft players will be happy to know that they have already completed most of the build. Finally, the mast of the ship only requires a long pole reaching up into the sky, with wool to act as the sail.

The video above showcases a very simple pirate ship build.

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