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Where to get sponges in Minecraft Java Edition? | Pink Army

Where to get sponges in Minecraft Java Edition? | Pink Army
Where to get sponges in Minecraft Java Edition? | Pink Army

Sponges are one of the most incredible blocks in Minecraft that players can use to absorb water and dry different underwater structures or areas. Using a sponge to absorb water turns it into a wet sponge, which can later be smelted in various ways to then dry it again.

Sponges will absorb water present at a seven-block distance of it in any direction. There is a trick in Minecraft using which players can get a bucket of water while smelting a sponge in a furnace.

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They can do this by placing an empty bucket in the fuel slot after the fuel has already started burning.

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From where can players get sponges in Minecraft?

Sponges are uncommon blocks that cannot be crafted by gamers but can only be obtained by elder guardian drops or by mining them in ocean monuments.

Ocean monuments

An ocean monument in Minecraft (Image via Minecraft)

These are rare, naturally generated structures inhabited by hostile mobs such as guardians and elder guardians. They are the only places where players can find sponges and wet sponges in Minecraft.

When exploring an ocean monument, games can find many different rooms, one of which can be a sponge room. These places can generate inside ocean monuments that contain an average of 30 wet sponges.

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Ocean explorer maps are required to locate ocean monuments unless players get lucky and find a monument while casually traveling through the ocean. They can get these ocean explorer maps from cartographer villagers by trading them for emeralds.

To be able to mine sponges in monuments, users might have to fight a lot of guardians that protect the structure. Therefore, it is recommended for them to have multiple potions of night vision, water breathing, and healing along with good gear containing decent level enchants.

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