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minecraft how to get cocoa beans | Pink Army

minecraft how to get cocoa beans | Pink Army

Cocoa beans are a unique seed in Minecraft. These seeds can be used for many things including growing, crafting, and dying items. Players have been enthusiastic about cocoa beans for many years now since their introduction into Minecraft.

Cocoa beans were first added to Minecraft in 2012, in the 1.3.1 update to the game. Since that update, players have searched for cocoa beans across all of Minecraft. Players may still wonder where they can find cocoa beans in Minecraft. Here are all the places players can get their hands on these unique seeds.

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Where are cocoa beans in Minecraft?

Natural habitat

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The first place any Minecraft player should look for cocoa beans is in the jungle biome. Most Minecraft worlds spawn with a naturally generated jungle. It’d be quite surprising if the world didn’t generate with one.

Within these jungles, players will see lots of different mobs and plants. Players should focus on cocoa pods for cocoa beans. Cocoa pods are essentially the block form of cocoa beans. These cocoa plants will appear on trees in pods. They’re yellow, orange, and brown in appearance.

These cocoa pods have a few different sizes. The smallest is the first stage of cocoa pod growth. These small plants appear green. The next stage is the medium stage of growth – these cocoa pods appear yellow. The last stage is the largest, and they are brown and orange in color. These large pods will drop 2-3 cocoa beans, while any other stage will drop 0-1.


Fishing for cocoa beans (Image via

Many players would be surprised to know they can actually catch cocoa beans while fishing in a jungle biome. Cocoa beans appear while fishing as a junk item in jungle biomes. While cocoa beans may not be fish or treasure, they’re certainly not junk items.

Bonus Chest

Bonus chest (Image via

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Cocoa beans have about a 40% chance of spawning in a bonus chest. These are pretty good odds for players.

Wandering Traders

Wandering traders Minecraft (Image via Minecraft)

The last way for players to get cocoa beans in vanilla Minecraft is to come across a wandering trader. These lonely villagers will trade the player three cocoa beans for an emerald. It’s not the best deal by any means, but those desperate for cocoa beans should accept it nonetheless.

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