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Blitzes are hostile mobs present in deserts and savannas. They drop blitz rods.


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Blitzes intently resemble blazes. It is because each mobs are elementals, with blazes being fireplace elementals and blitzes being air elementals.

As an alternative of black smoke, blitzes produce white smoke.

Blitzes make brief respiration sounds, in addition to a wind sound.


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Blitzes spawn in deserts, savannas and related biomes. They spawn on stable blocks at gentle stage 8 or much less. Blitzes spawn in teams of 1-4 and are rarer than most different mobs.


When killed by a participant, blitzes might drop as much as two items of niter, and should drop one blitz rod. They drop extra objects if a Looting enchanted weapon is used.


When idle, a blitz wanders round on the bottom. When it sees a participant, it begins flying and attacking. Blitzes assault by capturing “blitz bolts”, that are projectiles that deal injury and should apply the impact Blindness II for five seconds.

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  • Throughout Christmas, blitzes might put on Santa hats.

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