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A birch forest biome.

Birch Forests are lush temperate biomes, usually generating near other lush biomes. There are four variants in the biome family.

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Birch forest biomes are quite hilly, featuring a vast amount of birch trees across the landscape. They generate densely, but not densely enough to cast sufficient shadows to allow hostile mobs to spawn in daytime. Rose bushes, lily of the valleys, lilacs and peonies generate in these biomes commonly, as well as the usual dandelions and poppies.

Like almost every other land biome in the game, water and lava lakes can generate here, which may cause fast-spreading fires due to the density of flammable trees. Like forest, shallow lakes may also generate in here.

The grass and foliage color is turquoise, making them hard to distinguish from rivers, which often run across this biome.

No unique mobs or structures are found in this biome.

These biomes provide a source of wood and animal food, much like the main forest. Building shelter here might be frustrating, due to having to clean up the zone before and because of the reduced block palette that this biome offers compared to other biomes.


There are a total of four distinct birch forest biome variants.

Birch Forest[]

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Birch Forest is the standard and most common birch forest biome variant, with slightly hilly, forested terrain and normal-height birch trees.

In Java Edition :

MobSpawn chanceGroup sizePassive categorySheep12⁄404Pig10⁄404Chicken10⁄404Cow8⁄404Hostile categorySpider100⁄5154Zombie95⁄5154Zombie Villager5⁄5151Skeleton100⁄5154Creeper100⁄5154Slime[note 1]100⁄5154Enderman10⁄5151-4Witch5⁄5151Ambient categoryBat10⁄108

In Bedrock Edition :

MobSpawn chanceGroup sizePassive categorySheep12⁄402-3Pig10⁄401-3Chicken10⁄402-4Cow8⁄402-3Hostile categorySpider100⁄4951Zombie95⁄4952-4Zombie Villager5⁄4952-4Skeleton80⁄4951-2Creeper100⁄4951Slime[note 1]100⁄4951Enderman10⁄4951-2Witch5⁄4951Ambient categoryBat10⁄102

Birch Forest Hills[]

Birch Forest Hills features hillier terrain than regular birch forests, being identical to them in every other aspect. It is fairly common due to its wide spread.

Birch forest hills use the same mob spawning chances as birch forests.

Tall Birch Forest[]

The Tall Birch Forest features birch trees that generate significantly taller than normal. This makes harvesting wood more difficult, but allows more wood to be collected in the long run. This biome features taller hills compared to those in the birch forest hills, making this variant less suitable for shelter.

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Tall birch forests use the same mob spawning chances as birch forests.

Tall Birch Hills[]

Like the other hills biomes, the Tall Birch Hills biome has hillier, rougher terrain, along with the taller-than-normal birch trees of the Tall Birch Forest variant. The hills are steep in this biome, comparable to the mountains biome.

Tall birch hills use the same mob spawning chances as birch forests.

Data values[]


Java Edition:

NameResource locationTranslation key Birch pinkarmy.neth_forest Birch Forest pinkarmy.neth_forest_hills Tall Birch pinkarmy.net_birch_forest Tall Birch pinkarmy.net_birch_hills

Bedrock Edition:

NameResource locationNumeric ID [No displayed name]birch_forest27 [No displayed name]birch_forest_hills28 [No displayed name]birch_forest_mutated155 [No displayed name]birch_forest_hills_mutated156


Java Edition 1.7.213w36aAdded birch forests and flower forests, along with their variants and many other biomes. 1.1318w16a”Birch Forest M” has been renamed to “Mutated Birch Forest.” “Birch Forest Hills M” has been renamed to “Mutated Birch Forest Hills.” 18w19a”Mutated Birch Forest” has been renamed to “Tall Birch Forest.” “Mutated Birch Forest Hills” have been renamed to “Tall Birch Hills.” pre5The ID has been changed from mutated_birch_forest to tall_birch_forest. The ID has been changed from mutated_birch_forest_hills to tall_birch_hills. 1.1418w43aAdded lilies of the valley, which can generate in birch forests. 1.15.2Pre-Release 1Birch forests now generate with bee nests. Upcoming Java Edition 1.18Experimental Snapshot 1Removed Tall Birch Forests and Tall Birch Hills. Pocket Edition Alpha v0.9.0build 1Added birch and flower forests, along with many other biomes. v0.11.0build 1Added Birch Forest M and Birch Forest Hills M. Bedrock Edition 1.9.0beta lilies of the valley, which can be found in birch forests. 1.16.0beta nests now have a small chance to generate in birch forest biome and variants. Legacy Console Edition TU31CU19 1.22 Patch 3Added birch and flower forests, along with many other biomes.

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