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Aqueous Accumulator

Aqueous accumulator

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No, it doesn’t work with lava. You monster.

An aqueous accumulator is a tool that generates water by extracting it from the machine’s environment.


A positioned aqueous accumulator might be immediately picked up by dismantling it with a wrench. Its configuration is preserved within the merchandise. It can be mined utilizing a pickaxe.




When positioned, an aqueous accumulator faces the participant. It may well face any of the 4 cardinal instructions, and might be rotated utilizing a wrench.


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When positioned between at the least two water supply blocks, an aqueous accumulator will begin producing water. The speed at which water is produced is determined by the quantity of adjoining water sources.

Adjoining water sources Manufacturing charge 2 100 mB/t 3 200 mB/t 4 300 mB/t 5 400 mB/t 6 500 mB/t

Water will not be truly produced each tick, however in batches each 40 ticks (2 seconds).

An aqueous accumulator can even produce water when it rains on prime of it. On this case, water is produced at a charge of 100 mB/t.

If enabled, an aqueous accumulator can even produce water with out adjoining water sources or rain. On this case, water is produced at a charge of two mB/t. That is disabled by default.

Aqueous accumulators don’t work within the Nether.


Water can exit an aqueous accumulator by its sides. Each aspect of an aqueous accumulator could also be configured to have the ability to output water.

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An aqueous accumulator can routinely switch water out of any configured output sides. That is known as auto-output, and happens each 40 ticks (2 seconds), after water is produced.

Which sides can output water and whether or not auto-output is enabled might be configured utilizing the Configuration tab within the machine’s GUI.

Redstone management

An aqueous accumulator could also be configured to reply to redstone alerts. It may be in one in every of three modes:

Ignored Redstone management is disabled. The aqueous accumulator works every time doable. That is the default mode. Low The aqueous accumulator works when not powered. When powered, it stops working. Excessive The aqueous accumulator solely works when powered.

The present mode might be set utilizing the Redstone Management tab within the machine’s GUI.


An aqueous accumulator can have a signalum safety lock put in to limit who can entry it.


An aqueous accumulator’s configuration might be saved on a redprint to be copied to different aqueous accumulators.

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  • Aqueous accumulators reap the benefits of the truth that two water supply blocks will fill an empty house between them by creating one other water supply, which makes it doable to acquire infinite water.

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