Mathews NO CAM HTR Review | Pink Army

Mathews NO CAM HTR Review | Pink Army
Mathews NO CAM HTR Review | Pink Army

no_cam_htr_2I apologize for taking my time to get this evaluation out to you however I acquired my Mathews NO CAM HTR simply sooner or later earlier than leaving for Kansas. With out enough time to set the bow up and get the string and peep “shot in,” I used my Chill X to take a 145-class buck on the eleventh day of a seven-day hunt — however that is one other story.

I delayed this evaluation once more as a result of I made a decision to make use of the brand new bow on a hunt in Saskatchewan, and once I acquired again I instantly left for the Mathews Retailer Present the place I gleaned some extra info on this new NO CAM ST know-how.

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The apparent characteristic of the HTR is the spherical wheels at each ends, however make no mistake, this isn’t your grandpa’s previous round-wheel compound from 1980. Not like the spherical “eccentrics” of days passed by, the axle on the NO CAM ST know-how is positioned on the middle of the spherical wheel.

The precise “camming” motion takes place on the inside ring system, which is positioned off-center. That is a simplistic description, however this advanced symmetry spawns a number of main advantages:

-The arrow relaxation mounting gap is on the precise middle of the bow, and the crossover level of the management cables can be on the middle. With the cams slaved to one another, this all combines to create true straight and degree nock journey, which contributes to ease of tuning and, most necessary of all, repeatable accuracy.

“Our purpose was to create probably the most accurate-shooting bow ever constructed, and if I discover one thing that works higher, I’ll at all times go to it,” defined Matt McPherson at a media convention in Wisconsin.

-This design additionally creates one of many smoothest draw cycles you will see in a compound bow. That’s extraordinarily necessary in lots of searching conditions in shut quarters with cautious sport like whitetails. On the launch, that easy draw cycle converts right into a easy shot cycle and that interprets into one of many quietest bows you may shoot.

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Now, this is my expertise with the NO CAM HTR. As soon as I acquired my bow fitted with a QAD Ultrarest and a Spot-Hogg sight, I tied off my string loop and adjusted the remainder so my arrow was positioned straight by means of the remainder mounting gap, and for centershot.

no_cam_htr_3Due to the design and its intent, I used to be anticipating a easy draw cycle. However this bow exceeded my expectations. I understand such issues are subjective, however to me the draw felt like a recurve bow that steadily misplaced draw weight because it was drawn.

There was no hump within the build-up to peak weight, and no “break over” on the finish. It was easy as silk from begin to end — a factor of magnificence to me as a result of I’ve at all times put nice worth on a easy draw cycle.

This bow is completely silent all through the draw, bottoms out on a stable wall because of the Rock Mods, and it balances very effectively. On the launch, this bow is extraordinarily quiet for one factor, however one thing else is surprisingly lacking — recoil.

Subsequent, I arrange my chronograph and zipped a number of arrows by means of it to verify the velocity. As anticipated, this isn’t a velocity bow, which must be apparent by the texture of the draw cycle.

First, I shot an IBO arrow of 350 grains with the bow’s draw weight set to 70 kilos at my 30-inch draw. The chronograph learn 315 fps. I had a string loop, peep sight, and Monkey Tails on the string, so this bow ought to match its acknowledged ranking of 321 fps with the 85 p.c Rock Mods.

no_cam_htr_1Then I switched to the “actual” world by turning my HTR right down to 64 kilos, an affordable weight for a floor blind within the subzero Saskatchewan timber. I loaded the bow with my typical searching arrow weighing 473 grains, pretty heavy in comparison with most bowhunters. The chronograph learn 262 fps. At 70 kilos, that very same arrow flew at 278 fps.

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Now, only for kicks, let’s take a look at how velocity is commonly overvalued. If a buck is standing at 30 yards, a comparatively lengthy shot in whitetail searching, an arrow launched from my NO CAM HTR arrange for Saskatchewan will get there in .3435 seconds. If my identical 473-grain arrow had been touring at 300 fps (which might require a really quick velocity bow), it will take .3000 seconds to get there.

The distinction from one excessive to the opposite is a scant .0435 seconds — not even one-half of a tenth of a second. At 20 yards, a much more widespread distance for the overwhelming majority of whitetail hunters, the time distinction is simply .0229 seconds — imperceptible to each hunter and sport. Even at 60 yards the distinction is just .0870 seconds, not even a tenth of a second.

Clearly, these calculations don’t account for the lowering velocity of the arrow, however that’s insignificant as a result of each arrows weigh the identical. Sooner arrows actually have a flatter trajectory, however with respect to time, velocity is not practically as related as many consider.

Much more necessary is your potential to get by means of your drawing movement easily and launch an correct arrow. I used to be in a position to do each as I ready for Saskatchewan and rapidly had my HTR taking pictures very effectively. So effectively, in reality, that I took it to Saskatchewan and did not take a backup bow.

On the primary day of the hunt, my NO CAM HTR was pressed into motion. It was 10 levels beneath zero (actual temperature) and useless calm. buck stood 15 yards from my floor blind, looking at me. If there was ever a time once I wanted to attract quietly, easily, and with out commotion, that was it. The arrow flew true, and my new bow saved me from 5 extra days of subzero searching situations!

In abstract, the NO CAM HTR is a unbelievable bow for the bowhunter who desires easy, constant accuracy. Give it a attempt, and also you simply may discover it to be your final bow.

However, in the event you’re into velocity, Mathews simply launched their reply. The brand new Monster Wake is a high-end velocity bow that boasts an IBO ranking of 352 fps with an 85 p.c letoff! However that is yet one more story, so keep tuned.


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