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Lowrance Elite-7 HDI Review | Pink Army

Lowrance Elite-7 HDIThe Elite 7 HDI series of the Lowrance fish finders offers a combination of navigation and fish targeting. It provides state-of-the-art technology. Bear in mind, like with many other advanced electronic, you will need to put some effort to learn how your device operates and that perhaps it will be a little bit challenging setting up the unit at the beginning but after setup, it will an easy task to use it.

First of all, don’t forget that Elite 7 HDI is a mid-range DSI (DownScanImaging) device that operates on a 455 / 800 kHz frequency with a traditional 200 kHz beam and 50 kHz or 80 kHz. The Elite 7 HDI includes GPS features that allow for course plotting to maximize the navigation feature in order to make sure that you get the most out of your fishing trip.

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The price is extremely reasonable and attractive for this fish finder. What you will get is a 7-inch display DSI that will be at a similar price as the Elite 5 DSI that only offers 5-inch display. Also, there are other devices on the market with very similar specs as the Elite 7 but cost twice more. It is worth mentioning that you might want to invest a bit more to get mapping options simply because the basic mapping that is included in almost all fish finders simply is not good enough.

All experienced anglers will recommend investing further in mapping to maximize the fishing and to have all the contour lines and other detailed information clearly displaying on the screen. I sincerely hope I can bring out all that you need to know about this Elite 7 HDI fish finder so that you can make an informed decision on if it will fit your fishing needs.

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Key Features

  • 800×480 pixel SolarMAX 16 bit color TFT display
  • 7-inch screen with 480 x 800 pixels screen resolution
  • HD 455 / 800KHz DownImaging Sonar
  • Internal GPS plus WAAS GPS antenna
  • 1000 or 2500 ft 2D 300 ft Down Imaging maximum depth
  • Max 250W RMS 30,000W Peak to Peak transmit power
  • Transom Mount/Trolling Motor

HDI TECH and DownScan Imaging

The unit comes with the HybridDualImaging or HDI. What this means is that the Lowrance Elite 7 HDI offers you to get hold of two imaging systems that contains, not only a high-resolution DownScan Imaging but also the BroadBand sounder. This gives you the great benefit of being able to view the fish structure and the structure of the bottom under your boat. The Elite 7 HDI features a standard transducer, however, it contains both broadband and Downscan sonar in one unit that enables you to analyze the data alongside each other or, if you prefer, simultaneously on just one screen.

With the DSI (DownScanImaging) you will be able to crunch in the most important data that will aid you to catch more fish easily. In order to detect fish, the device will display a clear and bright picture of the bottom, thermoclines, baitfish and structure. In other words, you will basically see everything that is going on under your boat!


The Lowrance Elite 7 HDI price is truly appealing, especially if you have in mind just how versatile the device is. However, what is particularly impressive about this unit is the size of the screen that measures 7 inches. It comes out of the box, almost at the same price as many of the 5-inch screen competitors. The display has 800 x 480 pixels that will provide you with incredible definition at a great price. The great thing about having a big size is that you will be able to view all the data you need on just one screen. With the Elite 7 HDI, you can select just one chart, or select a combination of up to three charts if you prefer so. Being able to analyze multiple data is a big plus in a fish finder.

You are, for example, able to analyze, on the same screen, the DSI (DownScanImaging) and broadband and compare the data in order to have a better understanding of what you can expect to find under the surface of the water. If the display size is crucial for you, then you should definitely go for the Elite 7x, you won’t be disappointed. You will receive awesome clear, bright and sharp images that will be beautifully portrayed on the big 800×480 pixels 7-inch widescreen. Also, it is a color LCD display with LED backlighting that will work perfectly in any conditions, even if you are fishing in bright sunlight or during the night.

GPS Feature

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The Lowrance Elite 7 HDI features a built-in 16 channel GPS antenna. You will be able to easily navigate your way without ever getting lost. You can also save any waypoint (up to 3000 waypoints, 100 routes) if you want to return later to any previous location you were fishing at. The GPS feature in the Elite 7 HDI is extremely precise and accurate and in my opinion one of the best GPS functions of the fish finders out there. If you want to get the most of the GPS feature, then keep in mind that it is compatible with Navionics Gold charts that cover the majority of the US waters and also coastal waters along with inland lakes.


It is very easy to install the device and it comes with an easy to understand manual that will guide you through the installation process. Keep in mind that when you install the unit, you should ensure that it is parallel to the water and it should remain submerged in the water at all times. It is also very easy to operate the Elite 7 HDI and you can access all the information you need with a simple one-touch operation with new page selector menu that gives you more flexibility to analyze the data while you maneuver your boat!


  • Very easy to use, has great visibility with a fantastic 800 x 480 resolution that provides crystal clear image
  • User-friendly GPS
  • Easy to mount and install instruction are easy to follow
  • Extremely accurate and efficient, even at 15 knots
  • Combines DI and a regular screen that gives detailed information about where to find fish.
  • You are able to count the fish and see exactly where they are


  • Does not come with a speed sensor
  • Might take a bit of time to obtain a position at the first attempt when you start up the device. However, after first start it should be a smooth ride

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Final Points

In summary, the Elite 7 HDI provides excellent quality and you’re going to benefit from the features that it offers. It is highly unlikely that you will be able to discover any other fishfinder/chart plotter that provides so much in screen size and details and functionalities at this prize. The HDI (Hybrid Dual Imaging) tool offers you a better understanding of what is going on under your boat. Awesome 7-inch display increases the advantageous asset of looking at the information in more detail as well as making it possible to monitor many types of data at the same time.

The internal GPS antenna is a great plus also, as you can be absolutely sure that you’re navigating the boat correctly. If you face any trouble using the Elite 7 HDI, you can be certain that Lowrance stands by its own products and you will get a full one year warranty. Furthermore, you can invest in additional service warranty up to 90 days after you purchase the unit that will even extend the warranty further up to three years. You won’t be disappointed with the awesome vivid imagery from the downscan and how user-friendly it is in all operations!

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