Do you have an adorable and lazy puppy? Then our list of the best lazy dog names will be perfect for you. These names are ideal for certain breeds like Pugs, Boston Terriers or even English Bulldogs. But as long as your dog has this laziness in them, our suggestions will be appropriate!

We have performed extensive research in order to come up with all of our ideas to name your lazy pup. We have taken inspiration from famous TV shows, movies, characters, celebrities, pop culture and more. Just keep reading and rest assured that you will find that golden name that will make you say aha!

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List of Lazy Dog Names

Here are several options of lazy dog names for you to choose from:

Dog Name Ideas for Lazy Dogs Inspired By the Animal Kingdom

Your dog is not alone, because other animals are also notoriously lazy. Therefore, we have taken inspiration from them to elaborate names for our list. You will find our top picks below, along with suggestions on how to use them the best way.

If your dog sleeps all the time and moves around very little, and it is small and has a bear-like appearance, then you could call it Koala. These animals are known for sleeping most of their life, and when they move, they do it slowly and with laziness. Therefore, it makes sense to use this name for your pet, in case it looks and behaves like them.

Similarly, you could name your dog Sloth, which is another lazy and slow-moving animal. We recommend you to check what this animal looks like. Chances are your dog may boast a similar appearance to it. And in that case, it will make even more sense to use this option.

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Do you know which one of the laziest crustaceans is? We are not talking about Mr. Krabs, we are talking about the Barnacle, which is our next suggestion for you. If you want a name that breaks the mold, then this could be your dog’s calling.

Names for Lazy Dogs Inspired By Lazy Words

We have a plethora of words in our vocabulary that can represent the lazy nature of some dogs. Therefore, we have picked the best and have put them below, where you will find them accompanied by spot-on tips on how to use each option properly.

Do you know the meaning of the name Andy? It is our first suggestion because it means laid back, and evidently, your dog is known for having such way of life.

Is your dog notoriously big, but also very lazy? In that case, you could name them Butterbean. Not sure why, but this name doesn’t suit a high-energy breed. Furthermore, if your dog is really strong and fiery when necessary, then this name will make even more sense since it is also the moniker of Eric Esch, one of the best boxing heavyweights from all the time. Ideal for a lazy but tough dog.

We all love holidays, because it is a time when you can simply relax and just be lazy, and therefore, it makes an excellent name. You can name any dog Holiday or Holy, as long as it is laid back and always looking to simply chill out.

Does your dog like to spend most of its time sleeping? If so, then here we have the perfect name for it, Winky. It means “the one who loves sleeping”, and as it seems, it is the passion of your pet. Since its meaning is relevant and it sounds funny, we decided to include it in our list.

best lazy dog names
Our list of the best lazy dog names!

Lazy Puppy Names Inspired By Famous Characters

Many movies, TV shows and books can also inspire us. Therefore, to bring you more ideas, you will find our top picks from these sources below.

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If you have watched SpongeBob, then you should know that Patrick Starfish was the laziest character. Therefore, it is our suggestion for you. Furthermore, if you want to shorten it, then you could reduce it to Patrick, or Pat, or Patty.

If you are a fan of cartoons, then you definitively know about Garfield, and it makes our next suggestion for you. Even though it is a cat, if your dog loves to eat and sleep a lot, then it will make the ideal sense to name it that way. It would phenomenal for a Pug puppy, for example.

You could also name your dog Jeff Lebowski, like the King of Slacker. If you prefer to shorten it but to retain the same meaning, then you could call it simply Lebowski. It will get the same message across, but in a shorter and simpler way.

Now, let us check another source, The Odyssey. This great written by Homer describes a race of people known as the lotus-eaters, who were always sleeping in peaceful apathy. Therefore, the name Lotus makes a lot of sense, in reference to this lazy race of people.

Now that we are in the line of Greek mythology, let us jump to another pantheon to bring you our next suggestion. Hypnos, the God of Sleep, and therefore, the perfect lazy dog name idea!

Finally, you could also name your dog Oblomov, after the fictional character. He is a slothful nobleman incapable of making important decisions or undertaking significant tasks. It’s quite slothful indeed! And as we have seen in our first section, the sloth is the laziest animal! And therefore, it makes sense to name your dog that way. Only that this alternative sounds a lot more exotic and special, making it a very interesting choice. We’ve got many more Russian dog names, too, if you want.

Now you have plenty of lazy dog names that you can check independently, to choose the one that matches your pet perfectly. Furthermore, as we have included specific tips with each recommendation from our guide, it will be easier for you to pick the perfect name for your dog. Keep in mind that you will need to check our list several times, because only by doing it you will be able to compare different options, in order to pick the one that describes the best traits of your pet.

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