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Inactive Lava Zone				 | Pink Army

This article is about the upper lava biome. You may be looking for the Lava Lakes.

Inactive Lava Zone

The Inactive Lava Zone is a cavernous biome located 900 meters below the surface. It is the second deepest biome and the penultimate area in Subnautica.

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The Inactive Lava Zone is characterized by large, arching structures and walls of hardened lava with occasional steaming lava falls. It is composed of two distinct areas and can be found at 900 to 1300 meters down, well below the limit of a Seamoth (even when equipped with a Seamoth Depth Module MK3) – making an upgraded Cyclops and Prawn Suit the only vehicles to be able to navigate through it. The Player must be extremely careful when navigating this biome, as touching the lava on the floor of the Inactive Lava Zone can completely deplete the player’s health in seconds and the temperature applies constant damage unless the player has a Reinforced Dive Suit. It also contains the rare resource Kyanite, which is used in crafting some Prawn Suit and Cyclops modules.

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The Inactive Lava Zone can be accessed through two entry points located in the western and eastern wings of the Lost River, being the Mountains Corridor and the Tree Cove, respectively.


  • There were once multiple corridors leading to the Inactive Lava Zone that were found in the Crash Zone, Deep Grand Reef, and the Dunes.
  • The Inactive Lava Zone is the hottest and deepest biome to naturally support Flora.
  • Some of the resources in this biome that are commonly found inside harvesting nodes (such as Titanium, Copper Ore, Gold, Silver Ore and Lead in the Lava Pit) can be found without being inside an outcrop.

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