Kawaii Baby Cloth Diapers Review | Pink Army

Kawaii Baby Cloth Diapers Review | Pink Army

Have you always wanted to buy the “nice” diapers but couldn’t afford them? You know, the ultra soft minky ones. Or how about just being able to try a number of different brands without breaking the bank?

I’ve always shied away from the cheapie Made in China diapers but I’m so glad I decided to buy a Kawaii Baby cloth diaper. For $10 I didn’t think I’d be that sad if it was a totally bomb.

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If you’ve looked at Kawaii Baby cloth diapers you quickly noticed there were a number of different kinds. By kinds I mean:

  • Kawaii Baby Snazzy Minky One-Size Pocket
  • Kawaii Green Baby Minky Bamboo One-Size Pocket
  • Kawaii Baby One-Size Heavy Duty Pocket
  • Kawaii Baby One-Size Snap Closure Pocket
  • Kawaii Baby Goodnight Heavy Wetter One-Size Pocket
  • Kawaii Baby Pure & Natural Pocket (0-15 months)

I have thoroughly tested out the Snazzy Minky, Minky Bamboo and Heavy Duty pockets. All have exceeded my expectations.

When I use the Kawaii Baby diapers I always double stuff them with microfiber inserts, whether it’s day or night. I have left them on Sterling for many day hours and overnight (all of them) and not had a leak yet.

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Sterling is not a stomach sleeper, however the Minky Bamboo style has the Mom Label option which has an added panel for wetness protection.

Why do I love Kawaii Baby cloth diapers…besides the insanely affordable price and no-leaks??

Because they are easy to stuff, fit awesome and I love the cow minky (I have 4!).

I’ve tried 3 different closure styles (snaps, square tab aplix and small tab aplix) and all work well. The Minky Bamboo is snaps and thankfully has a second row of snaps for the legs. Many cheap diapers skip this row which leads to major wing droop on skinny babies.

We used the Minky Bamboo last night (Sterling is not a super soaker at night) and there was no wetness outside or around the legs.

The Snazzy Minky diapers that I have are all square tab aplix. It isn’t a super strong aplix but it has never come off and oddly enough Sterling has never tried to take it off…I guess he likes it too much!

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Of the 3 styles that I have the Heavy Duty is the “nighttime” style. Obviously, if I didn’t have problems with the other 2 at night this one performed the same. I did leave the Heavy Duty on for a super long time in order to really try it out. After 15 hours 🙂 (I put it on at 7pm and changed him at 10am) he was dry. Perfect!

There are so many different choices under the Kawaii Baby brand. If you have a closure preference you’ll find it in one of their styles.

The main site for Kawaii Baby cloth diapers is The Luv Your Baby site. However, you can purchase a variety of Kawaii Baby cloth diapers from almost any cloth diaper retailer.

I’d love to hear your success with Kawaii Baby diapers too! Let those who haven’t tried them due to doubt finally feel confident in buying an inexpensive, yet highly functional brand.

Kawaii Baby cloth diapers are also a great option if you want others (like my amazing 8yr old daughter) to change diapers!

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