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Flying’s no fun if everybody can do it.

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– Jetray while being pursued by Vilgax.[1]

Jetray (alternatively spelled as Jet Ray)[2] is the Omnitrix’s DNA sample of an Aerophibian from the planet Aeropela.


Jetray is a red, humanoid manta ray-like alien with green eyes, black outlines on his face, yellow horns extending from his nose, gills underneath his arms, yellow patagia which he uses to fly and glide through water, and two black lightning bolt-like stripes coming down from his shoulders to the original Omnitrix/Ultimatrix symbol on his chest.

In Video Games, Jetray wore a blue motion capture suit.

In Heroes United, the black stripes on Jetray’s body are straight rather than lightning-bolted.

Powers and Abilities

Jetray is Ben’s fastest flier as he can fly at supersonic speeds. He can maneuver through the air with little to no flapping and accelerates to great speeds with ease.

Jetray is capable of surviving and maneuvering through space,[3] a task which no amount of flapping would allow. It would appear that he has an additional key to flight beyond his wings. In proportion to his size, he has a very short wingspan, although his weight is unknown.

Jetray can fire green neuroshock blasts from his eyes and tail. These blasts are strong enough to knock down a Pyronite[4] and an Amperi,[5] and even cause great discomfort to a Vaxasaurian[6] and destroy a Sonorosian with just one shot.[7]

Jetray is durable enough to withstand multiple blows from Vilgax and gunfire from a fighter jet.[8] He is also heat resistant and immune to radiation, as he could withstand a Prypiatosian-B’s radioactive blasts[9] and heat generated by a Pyronite.[4]

Jetray can safely fly through the Earth’s atmosphere and into space, and travel on an interstellar level. When he is done flying, he can land on his two feet perfectly.[10]

Jetray has enhanced strength, which he demonstrated in his battles with Alan[4] and Ultimate Kevin.[11]

Jetray’s strength extends to his feet, which are prehensile, as he is able to carry a Vaxasaurian in the air with his feet without being tired or weighed down.[6]

In addition to his feet, his tail is also prehensile, as shown when Jetray carried Gwen while flying up in the air.[12]

Jetray can enter hyperspace.[10][note 1][note 2]

Jetray is highly adaptable underwater.[13][14][15]

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Jetray’s neuroshock blasts are capable of starting fires, as demonstrated by Swift.[16]

Jetray is immune to electricity, such as that generated by an Amperi.[15][5]


Jetray’s neuroshock blasts can hurt himself, as seen when they struck him after being deflected by the Stalker.[17]

Jetray’s neuroshock blasts can be absorbed by either Prypiatosian-Bs[9] or the plasma generated by members of Ball Weevil’s species, the latter of which has been demonstrated with Swift.[5]

Despite his enhanced durability, Jetray can still feel discomfort when he is being fired at.[8]

Despite his electricity immunity, Jetray can still be thrown into the air by a strong enough electric blast.[15]

Jetray is vulnerable to strong winds.[11]

Jetray’s neuroshock blasts are useless against certain non-living targets, such as mechanical-like species like Talpaedans[18] and robots like Computron’s minions.[19]

Jetray cannot walk very well due to his proportionally thin hind limbs.

Jetray can be ensnared by an Arachnichimp’s webs.[6]

On the ground, Jetray is slower than Kinecelerans.[DM 1]

Jetray cannot fly in Ledgerdomain due to its sky being unparallel to Earth’s.[20][21]

Jetray is vulnerable to magic, as shown when he was incapacitated by one of Gwen’s spells.[21]

Jetray is vulnerable to both a Galilean’s gravakinesis[5] and the telekinetic abilities of a Celestialsapien, as demonstrated with Swift.[16]


Alien Force

  • Jetray first appeared in Everybody Talks About the Weather, where he defeated Alan and discovered some suspicious-looking crop circles while fighting with the latter in the air.
  • In All That Glitters, Jetray was defeated by Michael Morningstar.
  • In Pier Pressure, Jetray pursued Julie who had been taken captive by Ship. After finding them, Jetray revealed his secret to Julie.
  • In Max Out, Jetray battled some DNAliens and destroyed some of their trucks.
  • In What Are Little Girls Made Of?, Jetray was defeated by Verdona.
  • In Paradox, Jetray fought the Trans-Dimensional Monster.
  • In Darkstar Rising, Jetray briefly battled Darkstar before turning into Humungousaur.
  • In Good Copy, Bad Copy, Jetray appeared thrice. Firstly, Negative Jetray flew away from a Forever Knight castle. Later, Negative Jetray battled Humungousaur. Lastly, Ben as Jetray fought Negative Echo Echo but was trapped by Negative Spidermonkey, forcing Jetray to switch into Chromastone.
  • In Save the Last Dance, Jetray briefly appeared before the Omnitrix forcibly changed him straight into Big Chill.
  • In Birds of a Feather, Jetray saved Lu from falling to his death.
  • In Pet Project, Jetray flew to where Gwen, Kevin, and Julie were.
  • In Inside Man, Jetray battled some DNAliens to get the Oscillator Key, but was unable to destroy it when he decided to rescue Tyler instead.
  • In War of the Worlds: Part 1, Jetray battled an army of DNAliens before switching into Swampfire.
  • In Vengeance of Vilgax: Part 1, Jetray flew to help Gwen and Kevin fight Ssserpent before switching into Cannonbolt.
  • In Vengeance of Vilgax: Part 2, Jetray was defeated by Vilgax, so he switched into Big Chill.
  • In Inferno, Jetray destroyed a bomb and escaped the explosion.
  • In Simple, Jetray flew down to confront the red troops.
  • In Don’t Fear the Repo, Jetray battled the Vreedle Brothers before transforming into Echo Echo.
  • In Singlehanded, Jetray escaped some Vulpimancers in the Null Void and went to look for Max’s old lair.
  • In If All Else Fails, Jetray hyperspace-traveled to Augstaka (offscreen) to bring Reinrassig III to Earth. Later, Jetray flew towards the Highbreed Tree Monster to get inside of it.
  • In Trade-Off, Jetray flew with Gwen on a mission to stop the Forever Knights.
  • In The Secret of Chromastone, Jetray fought Vilgax until he reverted.
  • In The Final Battle: Part 1, Jetray destroyed some asteroids, but failed to destroy a giant one, forcing him to retreat to Ship. Later, Jetray flew to Albedo’s lair.
  • In The Final Battle: Part 2, Jetray escaped from Vilgax and the explosion caused by the Chimerian Hammer.

Ultimate Alien

  • In Fame, Jetray was seen on TV. Later, Jetray battled some Air Force planes before saving one of the pilots.
  • In Video Games, Jetray was scanned by Oliver Thompson for the video game. Later, Jetray saved a family in a minivan from the Stalker before being defeated by it.
  • In Too Hot to Handle, Jetray saved Gwen and fought P’andor before switching into Water Hazard.
  • In Andreas’ Fault, Jetray entered a Forever Knight castle, where he encountered Argit and Andreas and scanned the latter’s DNA.
  • In Fused, Jetray defeated Ra’ad.
  • In Hero Time, Jetray failed to defeat Computron’s minions, so he switched into Armodrillo.
  • In Where the Magic Happens, Jetray tried to fight some stone creatures in Ledgerdomain, but was unable to fly, so he switched into Cannonbolt instead.
  • In The Enemy of My Enemy, Jetray battled Ultimate Kevin on the Rust Bucket 3.
  • In Eye of the Beholder, Jetray went into hyperspace to meet up with Gwen, Kevin, Julie, and Ship.
  • In Ben 10,000 Returns, Jetray destroyed the Hands of Armageddon, which resulted in Eon’s defeat.
  • In It’s Not Easy Being Gwen, Jetray went to Gwen’s house to get Kevin so the latter could help him fight the Mutant Frog.
  • In The Perfect Girlfriend, Jetray went to fight Ssserpent only to find his shedded skin instead.
  • In The Mother of All Vreedles, Jetray flew to the Rust Bucket 3 to meet with Gwen and Kevin.
  • In Ben 10/Generator Rex: Heroes United, Jetray appeared as one of the many aliens when Ben was explaining his story to Rex.
  • In Inspector 13, the Ultimatrix turned Kevin into Jetray.
  • In The Eggman Cometh, Jetray flew around with the evolution ray on his chest, evolving all of the mutant chickens into normal chickens and unknowingly evolving the Bellwood Sheriff’s intelligence to superhuman levels.
  • In Couples Retreat, Jetray was defeated by Darkstar twice.

Future (Ultimate Alien)

  • In Ben 10,000 Returns, Ultimate Ben used a combination of Jetray’s flight and strength to stop the Rust Bucket 3 from crash-landing.


Video Games

Jetray in Vilgax Attacks

Ben 10: Alien Force

Jetray is a playable alien in the Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 2, and PlayStation Portable versions of the game.

Jetray is initially unavailable, but is unlocked at the beginning of the Bombs Away! level.

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Jetray is able to use his sonic dash to quickly cross long gaps. He can also dive underwater and move freely, something that the rest of Ben’s aliens and Ben himself are unable to do.

Jetray is used at the end of the A Few Bad Eggs level to escape the collapsing facility underneath Parkville.

Jetray is vital for progression on the A Few Bad Eggs, Rural Rumble, Running on Autopilot, and A Change in the Weather levels of the game.

Ben 10 Alien Force: Vilgax Attacks

Jetray is a playable alien in the game.

Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 2, and PlayStation Portable Versions

Due to the Omnitrix rebooting after Ben’s abuse of the quick-change feature during his battle with an animated Mr. Smoothy mascot, Jetray was temporarily locked until Ben’s arrival in the Null Void.

Jetray is able to glide and ride on wind currents to temporarily increase his altitude like Big Chill. However, he can do so for considerably longer distances and with greater speed than Big Chill.

Tri Shot is an unlockable combo move for Jetray.

Jetray is vital for progression on the Null Void level of the game.

Nintendo DS Version

Jetray and Murk Upchuck are reunlocked upon Ben’s arrival in the Null Void.

Jetray is able to use his sonic dash to quickly cross long gaps in the Null Void.

Ben 10 Alien Force: The Rise of Hex

Jetray is a playable alien in the game.

Due to the Omnitrix sorting out after Ben fiddled with it, Jetray was temporarily locked until the beginning of Level 9.

Jetray is able to double jump and use his sonic dash to quickly cross long gaps.

Jetray is the last alien used in the game, in order to escape the collapsing catacombs after the battle with Hex.

Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin Bulgarian Турбоскат From турбо/turbo, turbo and скат/skat, ray Chinese 魟人 From (Hóng), ray, and (Rén), man Croatian Jetrey/Џетреј From џет, jet, and реј, ray Dutch Jetstraal From jet and straal, ray French Super-Jet From super and jet German Turbomanta From turbo and manta Greek Τζέτρευ Translated from English to Greek Hungarian Sugárrája From sugár, ray/beam and rája, ray/skate Italian Pinnajet From pinna, fin and jet Norwegian Jetstråle From јet and ståle, beam Polish Jetray From the original English name Portuguese (Br) Arraia-a-Jato From arraia, ray; the “-a-Jato” is like “jet-powered” Romanian Jetray From the original English name Russian Лучистый/LuchistyĭМолния From лучистый/luchistyĭ, radiantFrom молния/molniya, lightning Serbian Jetrey/Џетреј From џет, jet, and реј, ray Spanish (HA) Jetray From the original English name; pronounced /’jɪtreɪ/ (normally) or /’jɛtreɪ/ (The Eggman Cometh) Spanish (Spain) Turbo-Raya From turbo and raya, ray Swedish Rockan From rockan, the ray Turkish Yüzen Kanat From yüzen, floating and from kanat, wing


Jetray’s name is a portmanteau of a “jet”, a fast aircraft vehicle, referencing his enhanced speed, and “manta ray”, the creature his appearance is based on. Additionally, he can fire neuroshock rays, adding to the “ray” part of his name.


  • Jetray had concept art drawn by Eric Canete, whereas his final design was created by Glenn Wong, with color styling by Chris Hooten.[GW 1]
  • Jetray’s voice was somewhat high-pitched until Paradox, where it became deeper.
  • Dwayne McDuffie wrote an underwater battle scene for Jetray, but it was eventually scrapped.[DM 2]
  • In Fame, Jimmy thought Jetray’s name was “Jeffrey” until Ben corrected him, similar to how a kid at Ben’s school called Four Arms “Quad Hands” until he was corrected by Ben in Goodbye and Good Riddance.
  • Even though Jetray is more adaptive in water, Ben mostly uses him for aerial fights or traveling through space.
  • Jetray’s flight and neuroshock blasts are reminiscent of the dragon-like Zok, of The Herculoids.
  • Jetray is the only regular alien featured in both Alien Force and Ultimate Alien to not be used in Omniverse. However, he was mentioned in Tummy Trouble, Weapon XI: Part 1, and The Color of Monkey.
    • Had Jetray physically appeared in Omniverse, Dee Bradley Baker would have reprised his role.[DJW 3]
  • It was initially rumored that, because Derrick J. Wyatt disliked Jetray’s design and thought he was “overused” during previous series, he decided to create Astrodactyl as Jetray’s “replacement” in Omniverse. Derrick, however, denies these rumors, saying that the crew never intended or even wanted to replace any aliens.[DJW 4][DJW 5][DJW 6]
    • Elaborating on the subject of Jetray’s absence, Derrick stated that the real reason he was excluded from Omniverse was because he could not figure out how he wanted Jetray to look or how to put clothes on him.[DJW 7]
    • Derrick eventually drew 15 and 16-year-old versions of Jetray in the Omniverse art style as part of a GoFundMe in 2020.[DJW 8]
  • Ben 23 does not have his own version of Jetray in his Omnitrix[DJW 9] but if he did, then the transformation’s name would be Fish Kite.[DJW 10]
  • Jetray is the final alien used onscreen in Alien Force.



Dwayne McDuffie

Glenn Wong

Derrick J. Wyatt

Matt Wayne

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