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how to use casting table minecraft | Pink Army

how to use casting table minecraft | Pink Army

Casting Table

The Casting Table is used to make Blank Casts and tool parts in the Tinkers’ Construct mod. It is part of the Smeltery, and is similar in function to the Casting Basin.

Placement and Use[]

Place the Casting Table under the Seared Faucet on the Smeltery Drain. To make a Cast, put whatever item you want to cast on the Casting Table(i.e. iron ingot) and right-click the seared faucet to make a cast of it. To make a tool part, put the desired cast onto the Casting Table, then right-click the Seared Faucet.

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You can also make Clear Glass Panes by melting down Sand into Molten Glass in the Smeltery, and pouring it out onto the empty Casting Table.

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