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how to put out a fire in minecraft | Pink Army

how to put out a fire in minecraft | Pink Army
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how to put out a fire in minecraft | Pink Army

Campfires are a really cool item in Minecraft. They can be used to light up an area, harm mobs or opposing players and are great for decoration.

Many players use them around their homes for various reasons. Some have even used ones that have been put out to make some really cool bridges. With that being said, here’s how players can put out campfires.

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Campfires in Minecraft

First things first, players need to have a campfire before they can worry about putting one out for whatever reason. There are a couple of ways to get a campfire: crafting one or trading for one. Most fisherman villagers will trade one campfire for two emeralds at level four, meaning they’ll need to be pretty leveled up before players can trade for them. Fisherman villagers require a barrel as their job block.

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The second way is to craft one. Crafting one is simple and doesn’t require a lot of materials. Players will need three sticks, one coal or charcoal and three logs of any type of wood. Place these in the crafting table with the sticks forming a triangle over the coal or charcoal in the middle block and the three logs on the bottom row.

Now, players can place these campfires anywhere they want. Keep in mind that stepping on them will result in getting burned, so be wary of that. If the campfires need to be put out, there’s a few ways of doing so. The simplest way is just to break it. Breaking it won’t save it though, so this is only if players really need to get rid of it.

Minecraft campfire. Image via Reddit

The other two ways will allow the campfire to stay where it is, just not on fire. The first is to use water. Using a bucket of water will instantly put out the fire, and this can be done by simply putting the water onto the campfire. Splash water bottles can also be thrown at it to extinguish the fire.

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The final way, and this is probably the most unknown method, is to use a shovel. Simply right click or use the same button that is used to mark a path on grass and the fire will be put out.

Extinguished campfire. Image via Jira Minecraft

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