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how to pick up turtle eggs in minecraft | Pink Army

how to pick up turtle eggs in minecraft | Pink Army

Turtle eggs in Minecraft were added as part of the vast 1.13 update, which was appropriately titled “Update Aquatic.”

Turtle eggs are currently one of the most delicate items in the game, requiring constant attention due to their uniquely brittle nature.

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As one might expect, the main function of these eggs is to host baby Turtles pre-hatching, which are expected to grow into fully developed adult turtles over time.

There are many intricacies regarding this highly unique item. This guide contains all the key information, mechanics, and facts players must know regarding turtle eggs in Minecraft.

Everything players need to know about turtle eggs in Minecraft

What do Turtle eggs do in Minecraft?

Turtle eggs are used to hatch baby turtles in Minecraft. They also play a critical and unique function in many Scute farms.

For those unaware, Scutes are a highly lucrative item, which is needed to craft turtle shells. The only current way in which Scutes can be obtained is through baby turtles growing into adults.

How do Turtle Eggs spawn in Minecraft?

Turtle breeding will spawn brand new Turtle eggs.

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The most reliable method in which players can spawn turtle eggs on demand is through breeding two fully adult turtles.

This can be done by feeding two separate adult turtles near a piece of sea grass each. After breeding, one turtle will travel back to its home, which is the block it hatched on as a baby. Once at its home block, the turtle will lay an egg.

How long do Turtle Eggs take to hatch in Minecraft?

Turtle eggs can take surprisingly long to hatch, and there is no set time in how long an egg will take to hatch. It’s based on a random principle.

Specifically, there is a chance within every game for a turtle egg to hatch. So these times vary drastically. But the general timeframe for an egg to hatch is around 2-5 full Minecraft days.

Players should also note that Turtle egg hatching has an extreme bias during the night, with around 95% of all eggs hatching during nighttime.

Average Turtle Egg hatching times in Minecraft

How can players pick up Turtle eggs in Minecraft?

Turtle eggs can easily be picked up with a silk touch pickaxe

If players are unhappy with a turtle egg’s current location, they can pick up said turtle eggs for relocation via the use of a silk touch enchanted pickaxe.

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However, note that if a Turtle egg is picked up and placed elsewhere, its hatching progress will be completely reset.

What is the best way to hatch a Turtle egg in Minecraft?

Building an enclosure around unhatched turtle eggs is wise

The best, most effective, and overall easiest way to hatch a turtle egg in the current state of Minecraft is to build a large enclosure or fenced structure around vulnerable eggs.

The point of this is to force all zombies, players, and other mobs away from the precious eggs, ensuring they do not get broken.

What mobs are hostile to Turtle eggs?

Zombies have a desire to trample on Turtle eggs.

Zombies, husks, skeletons, wolves, and ocelots will actively go out of their way in an attempt to destroy turtle eggs.

Players, most other mobs, and even item entities can also destroy turtle eggs passively too, simply by being on top of the fragile eggs.

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