how to make sports hair ribbons | Pink Army

how to make sports hair ribbons | Pink Army
how to make sports hair ribbons | Pink Army

For fastpitch players, softball hair bows are practically part of the uniform. From the littlest coach-pitch players to the college athletes, fans will find ribbons on ponytails. I made these “softball streamer” or “pony-o” style softball bows for my daughter’s team, making sure they were made as tough as the girls are. Customize ribbon colors for teams, school spirit days, or occasions. Be sure to check out all the softball gifts for players and teams for more fun ideas.

Make streamer-style hair bows for fastpitch softball or other sports using this easy tutorial from Carla Schauer Designs at

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To Make Softball Hair Bows

Softball Bow Supplies:

  • 5-6 styles of coordinating ribbon, varied patterns and widths as desired
  • Elastic ponytail band, no metal pieces
  • Scissors
  • Needle and coordinating thread
  • Beacon Fabri-tac Adhesive or hot glue
  • Lighter or heat tool

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