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how to make pink sheep in minecraft | Pink Army

how to make pink sheep in minecraft | Pink Army

The world of Minecraft is populated by various living creatures, generally called mobs. Players will find terrifying monsters like zombies or endermen and friendly mobs like villagers, cows and sheep.

Sheep are one of the oldest mobs in Minecraft. They have been in the game since Java Edition classic. Using sheep, players can obtain wool blocks in Minecraft. A sheared sheep can regrow its wool by eating grass off a block. This way, players can get as many wool blocks as they want.

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White Sheep was the only variant available in the game, which drops gray-colored wool. Later, developers added different types of sheep varying in color. Out of all sheep, the pink one is the unique one in Minecraft.

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Pink sheep in Minecraft

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Pink sheep is the rarest type of sheep in Minecraft. Out of 16 types of sheep, pink sheep have the lowest spawn rate. In a group of 1000 naturally spawned sheep, only 164 sheep will have a pink color, which is a 0.164% chance, including the 0.0082% chance of spawning a pink lamb.

How to find pink sheep in Minecraft?

Pink baby sheep (Image via Reddit)

Finding pink sheep roaming is one of the rarest events in Minecraft. Players should consider themselves lucky if they have come across such a rare site randomly.

The best way to find a pink sheep is through exploration. Players can find lots of sheep in newly loaded chunks. Please remember sheep do not spawn in snowy tundras and wooded badlands plateaus.

How to get pink sheep quickly in Minecraft?

Exploration is undoubtedly a fun way to discover pink sheep, but it can be pretty time-consuming for players without elytra or fast horse. Impatient players who just need a pink sheep can always use dye to turn any sheep into pink.

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Players can get pink dye using pink tulips or peonies. Another way to obtain pink dye is by combining white and red dye. After getting pink dye, players can use it on any non-pink sheep and turn them pink.

Pink sheep farm (Image via Minecraft)

Sheep forcefully turned pink will drop pink wool instead of their original color. On breeding such sheep, players will get a pink lamb.

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