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how to make hardened glass in minecraft | Pink Army

how to make hardened glass in minecraft | Pink Army

Hardened Glass

Hardened glass Hardened glass variants

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Hardened glass is a hard to break and explosion resistant version of glass. Variants of hardened glass exist for every type of metal that Thermal Foundation provides.


Hardened glass can only be harvested by dismantling it with a wrench or by breaking it with a Silk Touch enchanted pickaxe.

Induction Smelter



Light source

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Some variants of hardened glass emit varying amounts of light depending on the type of metal, like lumium.

Wither proofing

Hardened glass blocks cannot be broken by withers.


Like stained glass, hardened glass blocks change the color of beacon beams that pass through them.

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Crafting ingredient


  • If ConnectedTexturesMod is installed, placed hardened glass blocks have connected textures.

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