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how to make an automatic door in minecraft | Pink Army

how to make an automatic door in minecraft | Pink Army
how to make an automatic door in minecraft | Pink Army

Piston doors are a very popular entrance idea among Minecraft players. Not only do these doors appear fancy, but they’re also quite easy to hide and convert into secret entrances.

Piston doors also provide extra security from Minecraft mobs and hostile players who might be on the server. These doors, by design, can be complex or simple, and the complexity depends on the Redstone expertise of the player.

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Sweet and Simple Minecraft 1×2

The most basic piston door design is a 1×2 design (or a single door.) This design works by using sticky pistons, two-door blocks, some Redstone, and a pressure plate or lever to open and close the door.

The way this piston door works is the sticky pistons are attached to the two blocks acting as a door. When the sticky pistons are extended, the door is closed, and when they contract, the door opens. All players have to do is connect the sticky pistons to the opening switch using Redstone.

Step #1

To start this, place two sticky pistons two blocks away from where the door should be. Make sure the sticky side is facing the door location. Attach the two-door blocks to the pistons.

Step #2

Connect the pistons to a lever using Redstone. Flip the lever so the pistons extend. Now players should have a closed-door, just flip the lever to reopen it.

This door contraption is quick and easy and only requires a few very basic ingredients to complete. Follow the video above for a tutorial on how to build this door with a pressure plate instead of a lever.

Minecraft’s favorite – The 2×2

The 2×2 piston door is probably the most popular piston door design in Minecraft. Not only does it look cooler than the 1×2, but it isn’t that much more complex than the original 1×2 design.

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To make a 2×2 piston door players will need Redstone dust, 4 sticky pistons, two Redstone torches, 4 pressure plates, and a few extra blocks of the player’s choosing.

Step #1 – Dig a hole

The first step is to make a 2×3 hole, digging down two blocks deep. Then on the long side, extend the hole 2 blocks outwards in both directions, make sure this hole is also 2 blocks deep. It should look like this.

Beginning hole (Image via YouTube)

Step #2 – Loving the Redstone

Place Redstone dust along the bottom of the hole, filling each block. Then dig one single block out on each of the wings and place a Redstone torch here. Cover the Redstone torch with a block of the player’s choosing and then place Redstone dust on top of the block.

Step #3 – Covering the contraption

Players should then cover the rest of the hole with the block of their choosing, and then place 2 sticky pistons vertically next to the block with Redstone dust on both sides. The sticky pistons should extend out immediately upon placement. Make sure to place the door blocks on the sticky pistons.

Step #4 – Add the switches

The last step is to add pressure plates directly before and after the door, this way, it can be accessed from either side. When the player steps on the pressure plates, the door should temporarily open. Follow the Minecraft video above for further instructions.

The Minecraft flush door

The piston flush door is the most complex and often most desired Minecraft piston door on this list. What makes the flush door special is that it blends in with the wall. These doors are the easiest to hide in Minecraft since they blend so nicely with their surroundings. The flush door is relatively complex, so players should be sure to follow along carefully.

Step #1 – Sticky Piston Placement

The first step to the flush door is to place 2×2 vertical sticky pistons facing towards where the wall is. Then place 1×2 vertical sticky pistons facing towards the door, and attach these pistons to the other sticky pistons on the far side. Copy the same design on the other side and be sure to leave 2 blocks for the door. One side should look like this, and just add another sticky piston on top of the 1×1.

Piston design (Image via YouTube)

Step #2 – Adding the block

Players should then attach the door block to the remaining space to close out the square. The final piston contraption should look like this.

Pistons with a block (Image via YouTube)

Step #3 – Redstone Repeaters

Players should then place a line of stone bricks around the outside of the pistons. Then attach 3 Redstone repeaters facing parallel with the pistons. It should look like this.

Redstone repeaters placement (Image via YouTube)

Step #4 – Connecting the Redstone

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Then, build a stone brick line going up like a staircase, and be sure to cover the top of the pistons with stone brick as well. Connect Redstone from the repeaters going over the staircase, and all over the pistons.

Be sure to place Redstone repeaters at the top of the staircase and over one of the pistons. Players should right-click these repeaters 3 times. It should look like this.

Repeaters and Redstone in Minecraft (Image via YouTube)

Step #5 – Making it work

Players should then attach a lever to the side with Redstone repeaters next to the pistons.

Step #6 – Redstone Torches

After this, players should go through the entrance and dig two blocks down and place two Redstone torches.

The Minecraft player should go one block further and dig down one block again. Here they should place two Redstone repeaters facing the Redstone torches. Players should then attach Redstone dust to the repeaters and attach that to another Redstone torch. This last Redstone torch should be on the side of the first block of the staircase. It should look like this.

Where to place the Redstone torch (Image via YouTube)

All that’s left to do now is to flip the lever and conceal the flush door. Each time the player flips the lever, the Minecraft door will open.

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