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how to make a wet sponge dry in minecraft | Pink Army

A wet sponge is a material that makes it difficult for the player to move in water. To make a wet sponge dry, the player must place it on top of an air block.
how to make a wet sponge dry in minecraft | Pink Army
how to make a wet sponge dry in minecraft | Pink Army

Though Minecraft has been out for over 10 years now, some gamers could have by no means heard of sponges being within the sport. Having mentioned that, they’re very uncommon and exhausting to search out.

Sponges are blocks that can be utilized to absorb and take away water. Gamers may reuse sponges by drying them out.

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Sponges may be mined by hand or with any instrument, nonetheless, the hoe is probably the most helpful on this regard. These things may be very helpful if a participant must take away bigger quantities of water from a particular space.

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On this article, gamers will be taught the place to search out sponges in Minecraft and the right way to dry them for re-use.

Drying sponges to re-use them in Minecraft

The place to search out them?

Sponge room located in an ocean monument (Image via Minecraft)

Sponges may be discovered contained in the sponge room of an ocean monument. What makes them so uncommon is that it isn’t assured that sponge rooms will spawn in each seed.

Some ocean monuments won’t have a sponge room, gamers will solely know by making an attempt their luck and exploring. Every sponge room accommodates a mean of 30 moist sponges for mining.

dry them

Wet sponge being placed inside a furnace (Image via Minecraft)

Minecraft gamers can dry sponges through the use of a furnace. They’ll place the moist sponge within the high enter slot within the furnace. Gas might want to go into the underside gas slot.

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As soon as the method is full, the sponge will dry and develop into out there to be used. Gamers can take the dry sponge from the output slot on the best, and place it again into their stock. If a bucket is within the gas slot throughout this course of, the water will drain into it.

Curiously, there are different methods to dry out a sponge. When a moist sponge is positioned down within the Nether, it’ll dry out instantly and convert again to an everyday sponge. Gamers may place a moist sponge down in a dry biome to realize related outcomes (Bedrock version solely).

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