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how to glitch through walls in minecraft | Pink Army

how to glitch through walls in minecraft | Pink Army
how to glitch through walls in minecraft | Pink Army

A Minecraft Redditor by the name of u/plasmawastaken has recently discovered a way to glitch through any wall in Minecraft. This can be a handy technique for players who want to get into a well-defended base in PvP or for players in a sticky situation.

As seen in the post above, the original poster (OP) uses a dispenser, water, and a boat to glitch through a bedrock wall. Obviously, players will probably never need to glitch through a bedrock wall. However, an Obsidian wall may be more common.

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Wall glitch showcased by Minecraft Redditor

The post

The glitch in action (Image via u/plasmawastaken on Reddit)

The post begins with the OP in a bedrock room that only contains a chest. Within this chest are a button, boat, dispenser, and a water bucket.

The OP places the dispenser first, then places the water block touching the wall that the dispenser is facing. They then put the boat inside of the dispenser and the button on top of the dispenser.

Once the OP presses the button, the boat spawns partially on the water block and partially on the dispenser, which prevents it from moving. When the OP enters the vessel and moves, it glitches through the wall.

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This is a nice bug that can be used to phase through any wall with ease.

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Players had many valuable comments on this post, mainly explaining other glitches that seem to be easier. This post amassed a whopping 7.7 thousand upvotes in only one day.

Another glitch (Image via Reddit)

One Redditor explained that this glitch could be done with only a boat and not the resources shown above.

OP then proved that wrong because the glitch discussed was for the nether roof and not a wall.

Revealing that it is available in Java as well (Image via Reddit)

OP then explained that this glitch (for once) was available on the Java Edition. This may come as a surprise to some, as usually Bedrock Edition is the version that is home to game-breaking glitches.

What a cheater (Image via Reddit)

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Another Minecraft Redditor admitted that they used this technique to get out of a “survive inside of the box” server, completely removing the fun from it. There’s always that one player who has to find a way to cheat.

Boat facts (Image via Reddit)

Due to this glitch and many others, many Minecraft players will consider boats to be overpowered. Placing a ton of boats around a village to defend during a raid is a great idea and should be used by more players.

Unfortunate (Image via Reddit)

In this thread, OP revealed that this glitch only works through one-block thick walls, which is unfortunate. However, it would be completely broken and overpowered if players could phase through an infinite number of blocks.

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The following reactions are notable mentions from the post:

Image via Reddit
Image via Reddit
Image via Reddit
Image via Reddit
Image via Reddit

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