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how to get to the forest temple | Pink Army


As time glided by, Kokiri Forest modified. As an alternative of a peaceable place, it’s now full of giant man-eating crops, big monsters, and different enemies.

To get to the Forest Temple: The primary order of enterprise – Discover the Forest Temple. It’s positioned within the Misplaced Woods. Undergo the Misplaced Woods utilizing this path : R L R L C L R. About midway by, an elf will block your path, and say solely Saria’s buddies can move. To show you might be one in every of her buddies, get the Ocarina out and play Saria’s Track. You’ll now need to get previous 5 large guards of the Forest Temple. You’ll be able to sneak round them or kill them with bombs. Once you get to the steps that result in the temple, dodge the massive monster’s assaults and go round him, you do not have to kill him. As soon as you might be on the Temple, discuss to Sheik and study the Minuet of the Forest. If you find yourself performed speaking to her, get out your hookshot that you simply received on the graveyard. Level it on the tree limb straight above the ledge. Enter the Forest Temple. To beat the Forest Temple: You enter the temple in a small subject. To the precise are some vines, climb them and kill the gold Skulltula on the high. Get on the highest of the tree, and bounce to the opposite limb. On the highest of that tree, you will see a chest with a key inside it. Now get again right down to the bottom. Kill the wolves and enter the constructing. You enter a room with a spider. Wait till it turns round, then kill it. The following room will present a cut-scene of the ghosts stealing the sunshine from the torches.

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When that’s over, go to the massive block to the left. It will not transfer, and it has the identical engraving of the Temple of Time. Stand subsequent to it and play the Track of Time on the Ocarina. When it disappears, undergo it. On this room, go to the precise and up the vines. You may need to kill the Skulltulas together with your hookshot first. Once you get to the cave entry, go in it. Defeat the two floating skulls to get the map. Then go on and defeat the plant on the balcony. Purpose your hookshot on the goal above the opposite balcony, and shoot it. After you step on the change and drain the effectively, bounce off the balcony and go into the effectively you simply drained. Contained in the effectively, seize the two hearts and the small key and climb up the vines. After that, depart this space by the door. In the principle room, undergo the door that’s simply reverse of the doorway door. Now you’ll struggle a floating cranium. Simply stun it with the hookshot and hit it together with your sword. After you kill it, go to the subsequent room. You’ll struggle the Knights for the primary time. After you defeat them, you’re going to get one other small key. Return to the principle room and to the precise. Unlock the locked door with a key. Kill the Skulltula with the hookshot. Go to the subsequent room. Go straight, up the ladder, to the precise, up the ladder and to the left. Once you get to the arrows, pull the massive block out of its gap, and push it on the arrows. Once you get it to the top of the corridor, return to the place the block was, and observe that path to the precise. Now you may push the block ahead ontop of the opposite block. Now bounce ontop of the block, and bounce onto the platform. Then observe the cave till you get to the subsequent block. Pull it so far as it can go. Now return right down to the place the primary block’s place to begin was. Climb up the ladder and head to the precise till you discover the pink block. Now push it so far as it can go. Now head again to the place it’s on the opposite aspect. Now push it down the corridor so far as it can go. Climb up the blocks and into the subsequent room. Kill the floating skulls and unlock the door. This is perhaps one of many weirdest components of Ocarina of Time. Stroll by the twisted hall, and into the subsequent room. Bounce to the door and unlock it. Go down the corridor previous the black image and go down the steps. Open the door. Battle the skeletons. Get the bow and return to the room earlier than the twisted hall. Look above the doorway to the hall and shoot the attention with an arrow. This could straighten out the twisted room. Stroll by the twisted hall to the subsequent room. Get the important thing out of the chest and bounce down the outlet. Battle the skulls to open the door. Exit this room and switch proper till you get to a door on the precise. Undergo the door and kill the fingers, to get the subsequent silver key. Exit this room and undergo the one on the precise. You should go to the room earlier than the hall once more, so flip proper and observe the trail till you get to the attention. Shoot the attention so the hall is twisted once more. Now stroll by till you get to an image with a ghost in it. Shoot the image. The ghost will now go to a different image. After you shoot all the photographs on the wall, the ghost will come to life. Z-locking and firing arrows at it whereas it’s seen is the easiest way to kill it. Get the important thing out of the chest that seems, and stroll by the subsequent room. Go previous the opened chest and to the subsequent room. Shoot the entire photos with ghosts on them to struggle the subsequent ghost. Kill her to get the Dungeon Compass. Now stroll up the steps and thru the door to a different the other way up room. Undergo the trail on the precise to get to a locked door. Open it (it’s best to have a key). That is the cool, however arduous half. Stand on one of many shifting platforms. Face to the precise and it’s best to see a frozen change. Get your Bow out. Face the change on one of many shifting platforms. When the hearth on the torch is lined up with the change, fireplace your arrow. It ought to soften the change. This may twist the hall. Return to the twisted hall. Stroll to the top and bounce by the outlet on the ground. It is best to now be in a room with checkerboard ground. You should plan your path fastidiously, because the ceiling is falling and rising. Step on the change on the precise aspect of the room midway to the opposite aspect. Additionally, if you would like arrows, get the treasure chest. Once you depart, you’ll encounter one other room with a ghost image on the wall. Shoot it together with your bow. The blocks will fall from the ceiling. You should organize them in order that they seem like the image on the wall (that you simply simply shot). After doing that, kill the ghost that seems utilizing the identical technique you used for all the opposite ghosts. Get the arrows she drops after you kill her, and undergo the unlocked door. Kill the spider and go to the subsequent room. On the balcony, there may be nothing to do however bounce, so bounce. Go to the middle of the room. When the ghost splits aside, hit the actual one. You’ll be able to inform which one is actual, as a result of the actual one spins round 1 extra time than the opposite ones. After hitting the actual one about 5-6 occasions with arrows, go to the elevator that pops up. Once you resolve the elevator, get off of it. Stand on on aspect of the massive blocks protruding of the wall. Pushing it lengthy sufficient will flip the entire room. It is best to push it till you may attain the primary change. After you step on that, transfer the wall round till you get to the second change. Step on it and transfer the wall till you discover the third change. This change ought to open the principle gate to the boss. You want the massive key to open this door. Undergo it, and take a proper till you stand up the steps. Stroll on to the Triforce floor. You’ll now struggle Phantom Ganon (bizarre, eh?). When combating him, hit him with arrows 3 occasions. There are 2 of him, however just one flies out of the work. After you knock him off his horse, you need to deflect the power he shoots at you. You deflect the power he shoots by hittin the lightning he throws at you together with your sword. After he falls and dies, the REAL Ganon will discuss to you. Get the center container then stroll into the sunshine. After you discuss to Saria, and get the medallion, you can be again on the Deku Tree. The Deku sprout will discuss to you and let you know the reality about many issues. He’ll let you know that you need to now save Hyrule! Now, you probably have not already, you need to get Epona, the horse. next walkthrough Again: Kakariko Village 3DS Assist Subsequent: Getting Epona 3DS Walkthrough next walkthrough

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