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how to get to resolution cave | Pink Army


Poni Meadow & Resolution Cave

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Accessible from the northwest corner of the Poni Plains, Poni Meadow is a beautiful area covered in purple flowers. Resolution Cave stands juxtaposed with its rocky terrain. • View the Poni Island Map

Poni Meadow

Follow the path until you reach a pond. On the left side of the tree is a photo spot where you can take photos of Ribombee, Oricorio (Sensu Style) and Dragonite. In front of the pillar on the east side of the pond, you can pick up a Purple Nectar once each day.

Good to know: Oricorio can be turned into its Sensu Style using the Purple Nectar found in this area.

You’ll also find a fishing spot close to the water’s edge. Sometimes, when fishing, you may reel in the following items:

  • Pearl
  • Sticky Barb
  • Bottle Cap

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Follow the path round and walk up the slope. At the top of the ramp you can pick up another Purple Nectar, daily. Walk across the bridge made of vines to collect some Honey and then follow the main path north and then right until you reach a bridge. Cross the bridge and you’ll find yourself in some tall grass.

Head over the next bridge and on the south branch, you’ll find TM50 (Overheat). Continue walking to cross a third bridge and then follow the path. In front of you is the entrance to Resolution Cave however, you can return here shortly.

Hop down onto the ledge on the left and hop down once more to find a Zygarde Cell. Now head over each of the bridges again towards Resolution Cave. South of the cave’s entrance, retrieve a Power Herb before entering the cave.

Resolution Cave: Exterior

You’ll want to use Mudsdale to traverse the rocky terrain here. Follow the path ahead until you reach the north-western corner of the cave. At the end of the path, you can pick up an Elixir. On the southernmost rock, press Ⓐ to find a hidden HP Up. Follow the path back around and down to battle Backpacker Maria in the south.

Dismount Mudsdale and walk down the narrow path west of Maria to retrieve a Terrain Extender. At the end of the path behind Backpacker Maria, smash through the rocks using Tauros to get TM26 (Earthquake). Continue walking south and break the other rocks to battle Hiker Travis.

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Sometimes, after smashing through rocks with Tauros, you may find the following items in the debris:

  • Stardust
  • Star Piece
  • Comet Shard

Now head east and pick up the Zygarde Cell before entering the next part of the cave.

Resolution Cave: Interior

Firstly, pick up the Zygarde Cell close to the entrance. Take the northwest path and at the end you’ll find an Adrenaline Orb. Head back to the middle of the cave, take the northeast path and press Ⓐ at the end of it to pick up a hidden Big Nugget.

At the end of the southeast path there is a Life Orb and at the end of the southwest path you’ll find a Light Ball. From the middle of the cave, walk straight ahead and up the small slope to retrieve another Zygarde Cell.

Top Tip: If you don’t fancy backtracking through the cave again, use an Escape Rope to return to Poni Meadow.

Briefly back in Poni Plains

Head back to the entrance to Poni Plains and speak to Ace Trainer Cole, who will now be ready to battle you. After you have defeated him, he’ll give you TM60 (Quash). You can now continue following the main path up tp Poni Coast.


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