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how to get quartz in minecraft | Pink Army

how to get quartz in minecraft | Pink Army
how to get quartz in minecraft | Pink Army

Nether Quartz is one of Minecraft’s more appealing decorative blocks that can be tricky to obtain in the perilous Nether with so many hostile mobs around.

Fortunately for players, there are ways to speed up harvesting of the resource while minimizing the time spent and the dangers incurred in the Nether. There are three primary ways to extract Nether Quartz, each with its own technique and requirements.

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None of these methods are overly difficult, so Minecraft players can focus on staying alive in the Nether without going to great lengths to get Nether Quartz.

Minecraft: Top 3 methods for obtaining quartz ranked by speed

#3 – Piglin trading

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The enigmatic Piglin race of NPC mobs is scattered throughout the Nether. Though usually hostile, they appreciate gold and will become passive towards the player if they are wearing a gold piece of armor.

By tossing gold ingots to the Piglins, players can get various items from them in return. When given a gold ingot, Piglins will occasionally toss out Nether Quartz in quantities of 5-12 units.

#2 – Nether Bastion remnants

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Minecraft’s Nether also possesses spooky remnants of the once-great bastions. These locations are often fantastic spots to find loot chests as well as Piglins to potentially trade with.

Nether Quartz can occasionally be found in the hidden loot chests within Bastion remnants. In Minecraft’s Java edition, Nether Quartz is slightly more likely to spawn in chests compared to the Bedrock version. Java edition’s current spawn rate for Bastion chests is 33.7% compared to Bedrock’s 29.4%.

#1 – Fortune enchanted pickaxes

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By using Fortune enchantments on a pickaxe, Minecraft players can gain significantly more quartz in less time. When broken with a standard pickaxe, Nether Quartz blocks will only drop one unit of quartz. However, with a powerful enchantment like Fortune III on a strong pickaxe like the diamond pickaxe, each Nether Quartz block can drop as many as four units of quartz.

Since stronger pickaxes break Netherrack so quickly, players will be able to cut through Nether Quartz quickly and collect stacks of quartz in a remarkably short time compared to looting or trading.

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