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how to get coral in minecraft | Pink Army

how to get coral in minecraft | Pink Army
how to get coral in minecraft | Pink Army

Coral is a type of Minecraft block that players will only find in the depths of the Minecraft ocean. It is a very colorful block and isn’t too hard for players to spot while underwater.

Underwater in Minecraft can be dark but due to the bright fluorescent colors of the coral, players should be able to see it really well. Since coral is underwater, if players want to mine it, they will have to be underwater for a decent amount of time.

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When entering the water, bubbles will appear in the bottom right of the player’s screen. These bubbles indicate the player’s oxygen levels, and how much longer they can be underwater before incurring drowning damage.

It is possible for players to drown underwater in Minecraft, and they can lose all of their valuable items. To prevent this from happening, players should enchant a helmet with respiration, or take potions of water breathing.

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The helmet will allow them to stay underwater for much longer without worrying about the decreasing oxygen levels. The potion makes players completely resistant to losing oxygen for a limited time.

Obtaining Coral in Minecraft

Coral is located underwater in oceans, however players will not be able to just swim down anywhere and find the it. This plant is located in specific areas of the Minecraft ocean.

In this article, players will learn how to get coral easily in Minecraft, and where its most commonly located.

Where is it located

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Coral naturally generates in Coral Reef biomes in the warm ocean in Minecraft. This is the only place where the plant will naturally grow, and players will have to come here to find large amounts of it.

Players can see all different colors of coral including, red, pink, yellow, blue and purple. Coral has no true purpose in the game, hence it cannot be crafted into anything.

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The main purpose of the coral block in Minecraft is solely for decoration.

How to mine them

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Coral will break pretty fast when it is mined using anything in Minecraft. In fact, it can break almost instantly.

Whether the coral is dead or alive, the player must use a pickaxe enchanted with silk touch to collect them. If they happen to mine with anything other than what is mentioned, the plant will break, making it unobtainable.

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