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how to find fossils in minecraft | Pink Army

how to find fossils in minecraft | Pink Army

In Minecraft, fossils are a very rare block in the game that players will only find in specific layers and biomes. Fossils are primarily used if players would like a source of bone blocks.

These blocks will prevent skeletons from spawning, which can be very beneficial to the player since skeletons are hostile mobs, and they attack players from a distance making it harder to counter.

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Fossils will also generate coal for the player. Players can find coal easily throughout the world, but fossils can be another source of coal if the player just absolutely cannot find any.

Players can use boneblocks to create bonemeal in Minecraft. Bonemeal is a resourceful item to have, especially if players plan on dying items or farming and growing crops in the game.

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Players should keep in mind that fossils are rare in Minecraft and that they are only seen in specific biomes. Fossils are located in Swamps, Deserts, Desert Lakes, Swamp Hills, and Desert Hills.

Players can find fossils located around coal quite often. Players can start mining through coal, and it is possible for them to hit a fossil block sometime during the mining process.

Mining fossils in Minecraft

How to find them

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The best way to find fossils is by branch mining in Minecraft. This is when players find a flat portion of a swamp or desert and dig down about 20 blocks to start looking for the goods.

Fossils do not depend on the Y coordinate when players are searching for them. Fossils are found based on how far beneath the ground they are. All fossils are at least five blocks wide, so players should make sure they make suitable space.

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Players can also use TNT mining when looking for fossils. However, this technique can be sort of dangerous. TNT mining can potentially blow the player up along with all of the things with them, so players should be careful when using this method.

What to look for

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When looking for fossils, players should dig around to make sure there is no lava around. It is very common to find lava near fossils when digging. Players should be careful not to sink into lava when mining for fossils.

Players can mine bone blocks with any kind of pickaxe, even a wooden one. The only thing that cannot mine bone blocks are bare hands. If players mine it without using a tool, it will drop nothing.

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