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how to drain water in minecraft command | Pink Army

how to drain water in minecraft command | Pink Army
how to drain water in minecraft command | Pink Army

Water is a handy item in the game, but nothing is helpful when in the wrong place. There are many reasons why a Minecraft player would want to get rid of water from a certain area. For example, when they are trying to create an underwater base and need to remove water to make the base itself.

Sponges are uncommon blocks that can absorb water and turn into wet sponges. But the problem with sponges is that the player will require a lot of them for clearing a big area, and they are not very easy to get. Instead of sponges, players can use Minecraft commands to mass remove water.

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Removing mass water using Minecraft commands

What are commands in Minecraft?

Command that teleports the player (Image via Minecraft)

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Commands (also known as console commands) are advanced features used by typing specific texts in the chat window in both Java and Bedrock editions. Cheats need to be enabled, and forward-slash (/) is required as a prefix for commands to work in the game.

How can players mass remove water using commands?

To remove water, players need to use the ‘/fill’ command. ‘/fill’ is a beneficial command using which players can replace blocks or fill areas with whatever blocks they desire.

To remove water, players need two sets of coordinates (X, Y, and Z). The first coordinate needs to be of one corner of the area from which water needs to be removed. Then players need to go to the diagonally opposite corner and note down the coordinates.

Bedrock edition command for replacing water blocks

Once they have both the coordinates, Bedrock edition players need to type “/fill <first coordinates> <second coordinates> air 0 replace water” in the chat window. This will only replace the water blocks present in the coordinates.

Java edition command

Command that replaces water with air in Java edition (Image via Minecraft)

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Java edition players need to type “/fill <x1> <y1> <z1> <x2> <y2> <z2> air replace water.” The only difference between the two is that Java edition players do not need to write 0 after the air in the command.

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