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how to copy and paste in minecraft worldedit | Pink Army

how to copy and paste in minecraft worldedit | Pink Army
how to copy and paste in minecraft worldedit | Pink Army

Since its inception over 10 years ago, WorldEdit has remained as not only one of the most popular Minecraft mods, but also one of the most popular plugins, used by almost all of the best Minecraft Servers.

Using WorldEdit can greatly improve the speed at which players can build, automating many otherwise tedious processes. One of the best examples of this is the copy & paste function in WorldEdit, which allows Minecraft builders to copy huge builds effortlessly.

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Copy & pasting with WorldEdit is relatively simple and only requires a few commands. This guide will explain everything players need to be able to effectively copy & paste something using WorldEdit in Minecraft, including some helpful tips and tricks to practice with.

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How to copy something in Minecraft with WorldEdit?

Before something can be pasted, it must first be selected and copied to the clipboard. Players can make a selection using WorldEdit via using the assigned WorldEdit tool, which is by default a wooden axe.

Step 1.) The command //wand can be used to obtain the WorldEdit tool. This tool will be used to make the initial selection.

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Step 2.) Players must now select one corner of the structure they want to copy. In the example below, the bottom corner will be used. The selection is made by simply hitting the desired block with the wooden axe.

Hit the bottom corner of the structure

Step 3.) After successfully selecting one corner, players must select the opposite corner from the one selected already. In the example, this will be the top corner on the other side.

Interact with the block on the opposite corner to complete the selection

To make the second selection, players will need to press the interaction key (Right-Click on PC). Make sure not to hit the block normally with the wooden axe tool, as this will cancel the first part of the selection done in step 2.

WorldEdit only understands cubiod selections. This is why it’s important to select two diagonal corners of the structure – one right at the bottom and one right at the top.

Step 4.) Now, while standing right in front of the structure to be copied, simply type //copy

How to paste something in Minecraft with WorldEdit?

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If everything has been done correctly in terms of making the copy, pasting should be relatively easy.

Players can stand where they would like for the build to be pasted and simply type the command //paste in order to paste the selection that has been made.

The structure has been successfully copied and pasted using WorldEdit

A helpful tip while pasting with WorldEdit in Minecraft is to consider using the command //paste -a as this will not paste any air blocks.

If the location of the paste is incorrect, or the selection has turned out wrong, players can use the command //undo. This will undo the last paste made.

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