how can i tell if my hamster is pregnant | Pink Army

how can i tell if my hamster is pregnant | Pink Army

There is a wide selection of hamster cage supplies available out there that will help your little friend have a healthy, happy, and long life. That is why you might find it difficult to choose the right product for your pet from all of these cages for hamsters. But, we are convinced that with proper research, you will be able to make the best decision.

Being able to tell when your hamster is pregnant is another important aspect you need to pay closer attention to in order to offer her all the necessary care. If you want to find out more about your pet’s pregnancy, you should have a look at this article. We decided to present to you the most common factors which can indicate a pregnant hamster.

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Change in behavior

In order to find out if your hamster is pregnant, you should start examining her behavior, as there are certain signs that will confirm her pregnancy. For example, if you see her building a nest in the cage, it means that she is preparing for her babies.

Usually, your hamster will use the materials available to her like hay, wood chips, or straw to make the nest, and she will begin hiding food in there. It is very important that you do not clean the cage during this period, as you might damage the nest. It is recommended that you maintain her habitat safe by cleaning around it.

And, if she shares the cage with other hamsters, you will know she is pregnant if she starts fighting with them to protect her nest. Your hamster will most likely show this increased aggressivity toward male hamsters. Moreover, she might even become aggressive toward you, too; she might try to bite you to let you know that she doesn’t want to be handled.

Weight gain and excessive thirst/appetite

A sudden increase in weight and excessive appetite and thirst are signs that your hamster might be pregnant. So, if you notice that your little friend is consuming more food and drink than usual then you should prepare yourself for some adorable pups. Also, during pregnancy, hamsters will hide more food away, usually in their nest.

The reason why your hamster eats more when she is pregnant is to make sure that her babies get all the necessary nutrients. Also, she will need to be strong enough for birth. That is why you have to ensure your pet’s diet consists of protein and fat that will offer her all the necessary energy.

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You might think that it is easy to spot the bump in your hamster’s belly, but, you will not be able to notice it until 4 to 5 days before she gives birth. What you should look for, that can be easily spotted, is a rapid increase in the girth of your little friend. This is due mainly to her increased appetite and should be visible after a few days after conception.

Physical changes

As we have already mentioned, you are not able to notice abdominal dilation in hamsters until the very end of the pregnancy, because it will not happen until then. But, there are some other physical changes that you can look for in order to find out if your little friend is pregnant. It is important to know that during pregnancy, your hamster’s body is preparing for breastfeeding.

And how does knowing this help you? Well, you can have a look at the nipples and see if they are enlarged or have darkened. If you notice these characteristics, the chances that your pet is pregnant are very high. Also, towards the end of her pregnancy, if you pay extra attention to her belly you might be able to feel some movements.

And, because they feel vulnerable when they are pregnant, hamsters become more territorial. This means that you should socialize with your pet as little as possible, and it is very important not to push her belly because you can hurt the unborn pups.

Your hamster’s age

It is very important to know your hamster’s age in order to help you determine if she is pregnant or if the symptoms indicate something else. Hamsters can start breeding from as young as 6-7 weeks. So, if you were keeping both male and female hamsters in the same cage, and they are over six weeks old, the chances the female is pregnant are very high.

With this in mind, you know for a fact that if your female hamster is younger than six weeks and she shows signs of what you might think it is pregnancy, it is, in fact, something else. This will help you identify a health issue that your hamster has, and the best way to deal with this situation is to take her to the vet immediately.

If you don’t want your hamster to get pregnant, you should move the male and the female in separate cages once they approach six weeks old. Also, female hamsters can only breed until they are about 14 or 15 months old and male hamsters can breed until the end of their lives.

Contact with male hamsters

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There are various species of hamsters, and they all have different gestation periods, but you should expect a litter in 18 to 22 days. To be more exact, you should know that the Syrian hamsters will give birth in 16 days, the Chinese hamsters in 18-23 days, the Winter White hamsters in 18-21 days and the Roborovski hamster in 22-30 days.

So, if your female hamster has been in contact with a male less than thirty days ago, you can interpret her symptoms as pregnancy ones. But, if you remember her having contact with a male hamster over thirty days ago then you know for sure that she can not be pregnant.

The more you know about your pet rodents the better you can take care of them. Sometimes, what you might perceive as pregnancy symptoms might actually be an illness. That is why it is so important to be informed and to offer your pet all the attention she deserves.


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